A Very. Important. Video.

An announcement from our CEO all about our new product line (and what it means for you).

We’re on a mission to help brands say it better and This is an exciting time for Phrasee as we expand our capabilities to the entire customer experience using the only real-time Brand Language Optimization in the world.

Today, we’re announcing the revolutionary React powered by Phrasee X, which is currently integrated with Salesforce and Adobe, and helps customers squeeze more value from their abandoned carts, turbo-charge their reengagement programs, and nurture to second purchase faster.

We can help you better attract, convert, react to, engage, and retain your customers. BUT don’t let us tell you! Hear it directly from our CEO, Parry Malm, in this rather snazzy video.

And don’t worry – he did it well within the confines of Subsection B paragraph 8 subclause 1.c. of the official “Tech Company Product Launch Video” handbook. (TLDR: He’s in black.)

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