From bland marketing to brand marketing (minus the risk)

Almost 80% of marketers are concerned about ensuring their content is relevant and appropriate in the current economic and social climate. This is causing marketers to play it safe with their messaging for fear of slipping up.

But why choose between being brand-safe and cutting edge? By testing your brand language to pinpoint your highest-performing content, you can get the best of both worlds – and reap the ROI rewards.

Highlights from the report

“In times of uncertainty, marketers should be looking for ways to insert some cast-iron certainty into their strategies. There should be no guessing about what your audience wants to see - you should already have that information at your fingertips as it evolves, and be feeding that back into your content. Because if consumer spend takes a hit, competition for market share intensifies, and it's your powers of communications that can be the real differentiator.”

Guilda Hilaire, Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The 3 Cs of increasing content ROI (in uncertain times)

No more playing it safe for fear of besmirching your business: This is how you can push the envelope with ROI-generating content, minus the risk to your brand.