Hindsight 2020

5 lessons learned from the world's top retail brands

The world breathed a collective sigh of relief when 2020 drew to a close, but while it may be in our rearview mirror, it’s not a year to forget too quickly. You see actually something amazing happened – massive organizations turned on a dime, reinvented themselves, and taught a master class in adaptation.

And now, you’re invited to a front row seat in their lecture hall. We’ve collected advice from the world’s biggest & best brands as they share how they thrived in spite of it all – we guarantee there are some good lessons in it for you.

Download the report and you’ll:

  • Learn what “customer-centric” ACTUALLY means
  • Understand the new tricks in a marketer’s bag
  • Find out why increasing marketing spend is a surefire way to success
  • See the tech-backed pivots that brands rely on

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