Fireside Chat: Turn On The Afterburners With Walgreens And Phrasee 2021

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When the world ground to a halt in spring 2020, Walgreens did the opposite. In a flurry of innovation, the retail giant turned on the afterburners to accelerate its customer-centric digital transformation plans.

Vaccine rollout; a new loyalty program; convenient same-day delivery and curbside pickups; health equity initiatives: Walgreens has been going above and beyond with its customer- and patient-first mindset focused on improving health and well-being for the past 18 months, and the results have been dazzling.

But what about the nuts and bolts? The messaging behind the magic? The tech partnerships that made it all possible?

Sit tight for a candid fireside chat between Parry Malm, CEO of brand language optimization company Phrasee, and Brian Tyrrell, Senior Director of Customer Marketing Platforms at Walgreens, about what it takes to make a difference with rapidly mobilized, customer-centric, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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Parry Malm, Chief Executive Officer,

Brian Tyrrell, Senior Director of Customer Marketing Platforms


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