Delivering diabetes care one optimized message at a time

Phrasee helps Novo Nordisk drive engagement with the crucial messages that come before the medicine

A crucial part of Novo Nordisk’s mission – which is to make innovative medicines accessible to chronic disease patients all over the world – is delivering the right information to the right people at the right time with tone-sensitive, compliant messaging.

Download the case study to see how Novo Nordisk:

  • Is using AI to deliver messaging that is consistently brand-safe and compliant with FDA regulation
  • Boosted engagement with a 24% average open rate uplift and 13% average click rate uplift across Novo Nordisk brands
  • Discovered that AI-generated messages focusing on empathetic language, such as “aiding” and “helping”, increase engagement

As seen on Econsultancy

"Being able to quickly and easily scale our messaging and making sure we’re doing everything we can to get people to open and engage with those messages is mission critical. Phrasee helps us do exactly that."

Dipen Patel, Associate Director, Omnichannel Campaign Execution, Novo Nordisk