Phrasee wows deals megabrand Wowcher with a 31.2% reduction in cost per lead

The marketing team at daily deals megabrand Wowcher knows a good deal when they see one. When they heard that Phrasee had expanded its world-leading AI-powered content to Facebook and Instagram ad copy, they jumped at the chance to give it a try and were ‘wowed’ by the results.

Having already experienced amazing results from Phrasee’s AI-optimized content in its email marketing program, the Wowcher squad rightly guessed that Phrasee could help generate more leads on its social media channels. What it didn’t guess was how massive the impact would actually be.

A few campaigns and a 31.2% reduction in Cost Per Lead (CPL) later, the Wowcher team was convinced. Phrasee was one deal even a Wowcher discount couldn’t beat!

“After seeing what Phrasee did for our email marketing campaigns, we expected it to deliver on our social campaigns as well. What we didn’t expect was a MASSIVE 31% decrease in our Cost Per Lead (CPL)! Delivering increased efficiency like that is very impressive and we’re excited to continue testing Phrasee across our social media campaigns.”

Alexis Harrison, Head of External Media, Wowcher


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