How Party City is using Phrasee to boost sales everywhere

We know email’s great for boosting online sales,
but what about in-store?

Party City gets most of its sales from its physical locations. It wanted to see if optimizing its digital communications would translate to a real-world increase in sales, so with Phrasee’s help, it devised a test.

Download the case study to see how Party City:

  • Drove a 4% increase in in-store sales through email
  • Generated 300K more opens per email
  • Is projected to make an extra $649K this year
  • Is looking to level up even further with optimized in-email copy including headlines and CTAs

"The idea to test Phrasee's AI-powered subject lines and apply them to in-store performance has really paid off. We're thrilled."

Alisa Stewart, Sr. Director Acquisition, CRM & Loyalty, Party City