How eBay pioneered the use of AI-powered content

The ecommerce leader has paved the way for marketers everywhere

From the day it launched, eBay has been challenging the status quo and has had a culture of innovation that has powered its business success for almost 25 years.

As the company scaled, it continuously looked for the advanced technology that could empower its marketing team and enhance performance, especially in the way it engaged its customers.

eBay’s lightbulb moment was to look for a technology solution that could help in its quest to optimize marketing content at scale, starting with its email programs. Its concern was how it could achieve that without compromising its brand voice – the essence of eBay.

In 2016, the ecommerce leader embraced Phrasee and transformed its marketing performance with AI-powered content.

In this case study, you will discover:

  • How Phrasee generated measurable ROI by optimizing messages across eBay’s marketing campaigns
  • How eBay built a long-term relationship with Phrasee following a six-month, robust head-to-head test with its incumbent vendor, which offered the panacea it craved but produced spammy language that undermined its brand.
  • How the relationship evolved and expanded internationally over four years, and the plans for the phuture.
  • How Phrasee partnered with visual experience platform, Movable Ink, to optimize both the subject line and headline copy within the email, delivering a compound effect of 42.3% uplift in click rate.
  • And the results that go beyond ROI.

“Phrasee makes you money, so you’re more likely to get your bonus.”

– Gareth Jones, former CMO, eBay UK

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