The Business Case for AI-Powered Copywriting

Changing the marketing game

History has shown again and again that those brands who continue to invest in advertising and marketing during trying times consistently outperform those which don’t by a healthy margin.

Yet, still not everyone understands the potential of AI in marketing, likely because of the endless noise and hyperbole causes confusion. While marketing tech is nothing new in itself – far from it – the power and scope of its commercial impact in the digital-first world we live in are still not widely understood.

Five years ago, we launched the most advanced AI-Powered Copywriting tech on the planet and now it’s widely adopted by global brands. And while it’s still a relatively new phenomenon in marketing, we answer hundreds of questions every week about the concept, how it works, and the type and size of brand that can benefit from the technology.

As marketers, you have so many dilemmas to deal with right now. How do you deliver high quality, on-brand marketing copy at scale across multiple channels in a cost-effective and time-efficient way? How do you boost digital marketing engagement and deliver a quantifiable, sustainable increase in opens, clicks, conversions, while ensuring the tone of your marketing language is right? How do you manage double the pressure, with half the budget?

Our technology can answer all these questions and this business case will explain everything you need to know and gives you the rationale to make the case for AI-Powered Copywriting internally.

Simply put, Phrasee offers the highest level of engagement across every digital touchpoint, making your brand more money and giving you a very clear ROI.

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