Forrester firm recommends marketers “experiment with content intelligence”

eBay's been using content intelligence with Phrasee since 2016 to drive marketing performance

Over the past five years, content intelligence – the use of AI and machine learning to uncover content’s inherent qualities – has matured into a real driver of business value. Phrasee’s been there every step of the way, driving increased performance and revenue for major brands like eBay. Now, analysts are taking note of this hot new tech (that isn’t as new as it looks).

In this report “Three Ways Marketers Can Use Content Intelligence To Drive Business Outcomes” from Forrester, you’ll learn what the opportunities are for your business in using AI to improve your content. There are three functions of content intelligence to know about:

  • Analysis
  • Assistance
  • Performance

Download the report to learn why Forrester recommends experimenting with content intelligence to improve your content performance.