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Banking and finance marketing teams always seem to pull more than their weight when it comes to digital marketing and customer engagement. Nimble and powerful as they are, there’s nothing easy about being asked to do more with less year over year.

Hoping to gain operational efficiency under time and budget pressure, banking and finance marketers are beginning to explore the power of AI. In fact, 83% of marketers in this industry plan to invest in AI in the next 18 months, and 53% said they would implement AI in content production if it could reliably align with their brand.

We make AI that generates, analyzes, optimizes and tests brand language (and yes, it sounds like a human wrote it). You’d be amazed at how many more bookings you can get just by tweaking your messaging in an email subject line. And if you do it across your entire customer journey? Why you’ll be absolutely flabbergasted.


  • 19%

    average open rate uplift across industry

  • 10%

    average click rate uplift across industry

“Phrasee is a fascinating piece of technology and demonstrated value-add”

Tom Kelk, Marketing Technology Manager, Lloyds Bank

AI that makes a difference

Cut through the noise and connect customers to the services they need most.

Customer engagement engine

Make life-long loyal customers. Phrasee helps you really speak your customers’ language.

Custom-built for compliance

Increase your operational efficiency with AI-powered content that’s proven effective and compliant every time.

Financial services marketing impact report

In this impact report we explore six key trends in the banking and financial services market, as well as opportunities to craft more effective digital marketing in the ‘new normal.’ Download our trends report to discover why language optimization has emerged as a crucial strategy for marketers tasked with enhancing operational efficiency, deepening customer engagement, and driving revenue in 2021.

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