1. I work in the ______ industry. Will Phrasee work for me?

If you want to make your customers perform an action, Phrasee works for you. Most of our users are from industries like:

  • ecommerce
  • Travel & hotels
  • Apparel
  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Comparison/rating sites
  • Daily deals
  • Subscriptions
  • Tickets & events
  • Hobbies (i.e. golf)
  • Luxury goods
  • Grocery, food & wine

TBH, we’ve also got clients from completely different industries too. Your industry doesn’t affect Phrasee’s artificial intelligence.

Book a demo discover how Phrasee can change your life! Well, maybe not change your life, but at least make your emails better.

2. I work for an agency. Can I use Phrasee?

For sure! We work both client-direct and via agencies. Get in touch with us to discuss how our software scales to cover off numerous brands all under one umbrella package.

3. What does Phrasee do?

Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to write better subject lines, body copy and calls-to-action (CTAs) than humans. Specifically:

  • It designs your splits for you. This ensures maximum statistical significance.
  • It generates human-sounding language for you to split test. Seriously – our machine-generated subject lines actually sound like a human wrote them!
  • It learns from your split test results to get you progressively and continuously increasing opens, clicks and conversions.

4. Why do subject lines matter?

Your subject line is why people open your emails.

How much time do you spend writing your emails… and designing them? All that work is pointless if people don’t open them.

Your subject line is THE most important part of your email campaign that you control.

Think about your own experience. How many emails do you get every day? And you probably only open a few. You only open a few because:

  • It’s sent from a brand you know and trust
  • The subject line interests you
  • It’s raining outside (true story – open rates go up when it’s raining!)

It’s that simple – a two-step process, if you don’t count Mother Nature.

Writing good subject lines is hard. And it’s an imperfect process (our CEO blogged about this very fact here).

Phrasee turns this challenge into an opportunity.

5. Do I really need to split test these days?


Oh wait, you want a longer answer? OK, here you go:
Would you take a pharmaceutical that hadn’t undergone a scientific clinical trial? We sure hope not!

Would you trust a new drug that manufactures promised you was safe… without the science to back it up? Guessing no…nor should you trust anyone who says they have the best subject lines if they don’t test them first.

Split tests are how you learn what your audience responds to. Most email marketers split test without much science driving their decisions.

Phrasee treats every split test like a clinical trial. Every time you run a Phrasee campaign, it learns about your audience. And you keep getting more opens, clicks and conversions.

Phrasee was created by computer scientists and statisticians. In fact, our chief scientist wrote the book on analysing data in his misspent youth. And our CEO is the world’s leading expert in the scientific analysis of marketing language.

There is a science to subject lines, body copy and CTAs. That’s why split testing is the most effective thing you can do to boost your response rates.

Phrasee is the software that gives you access to artificial intelligence for your marketing language.

6. Someone just told me split testing isn’t necessary. Are they right?


7. Can Phrasee really generate better subject lines, body copy and CTAs than a human?

Yes. Phrasee’s language beats humans >95% of the time. And here’s why.

Machines can’t write the complete works of Shakespeare (yet.) But marketing language isn’t Shakespeare.

Subject lines, body copy and CTAs are small phrases with one objective: to make people open, click and convert.

To Phrasee, marketing language is a mathematical problem. The thing is, there are trillions of ways to say the same thing. Which is best?

Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to generate language that beats humans >95% of the time.

8. How do I use Phrasee?

Here are the steps you follow:

  • Log in to Phrasee (duh!)
  • Tell us a few things about your campaign
  • Phrasee’s algorithms generate you a set of human-sounding language
  • Run your split test in your ESP
  • Upload your results back into Phrasee
  • Do it again… and watch your response rates skyrocket!

All this takes you under 4 minutes. Unless you’re Superman, in which case it takes 3 minutes.

9. What response uplift will I get from Phrasee?

Awesome results. That’s why we’re in business – because our software consistently generates subject lines, body copy and CTAs that out-perform humans. Sorry, humans.

For example – one of our ecommerce clients tested out Phrasee’s lines versus their own – and our lines generated a 417% increase in revenue. 417%! Not too shabby.

10. How does Phrasee generate such awesome, human-sounding language?

Great question… with a long answer! Here’s the simple version:

Phrasee focuses on an area of artificial intelligence called “natural language generation”.

The output you see is the result of a bunch of different technologies, including (buzzword bingo sheets at the ready):

If you want to learn a bunch more about how Phrasee works, check out this page.

11. I’m in the United States, Canada, Australia or Europe. Will Phrasee work for me?

Yes! Phrasee is proudly based in London, not far from Fulham FC (although we support Charlton Athletic, for all our sins).

Our software is smart enough to work for anyone. We have customers across the globe – although no one in Antarctica yet. Yet.

Currently, Phrasee is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. We haven’t quite cracked Esperanto though.

12. Can I book a demo?

Of course! And you totally should book a demo!

13. Do you have a newsletter?

No word of a lie – our newsletter is the best newsletter ever. Not that we’re biased. Sign up here.

14. Can I integrate Phrasee into my platform?

Phrasee’s software can be fully accessed programmatically via JSON APIs, or via SFTP batch transfers.  This allows us to deeply bed into 3rd party software as and when required.

15. Who does your design?

Our branding, website and UI was designed by The Pink Group. We recommend them without reservation.

16. Is Phrasee hiring?

Yes! Check out our careers page for a list of current openings.

17. Does Phrasee have a theme song?

Great question, and yes. It’s this.