Emotions Matter

More than you think...

From day one, our phounders – Parry, Neil & Victoria – said that Phrasee would take action to help raise awareness of mental health issues.
Why? Because it affects all of us in one way or another, and it's imperative that we, as marketers, as technologists, and as human beings, are part of the conversation.
We are launching the Emotions Matter campaign to do the right thing...

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A starter guide to ethical marketing

The *vast* majority of marketers are doing what they can to ensure their messaging doesn’t detrimentally affect people. Some people are still focusing on exploitative marketing tactics. And this NEEDS to stop. It's 2019, and yet, some people are still actively encouraging the use of negative emotions – like fear, guilt and anxiety – to sell more stuff.

To kick off our Emotions Matter campaign, we’ve produced a starter guidebook to ethical marketing.

  • Emotions Matter

    The guide

    A collection of thought-provoking advice from senior figures & brands, to start changing the conversation around fear & anxiety-based marketing.

  • Emotions Matter

    The kit

    It's time to make a change. Join the movement by showing your support. Download our starter pack to help share the message of our Emotions Matter campaign.

Hear from some of our supporters

  • “At Hilton, all team members are personally responsible for acting with integrity in order to enhance Hilton’s reputation, client experience, and a healthy work environment. We have built a culture to maintain the highest ethical standards in the hospitality business, ensuring our marketing activities are truthful and accurate, with our audience receiving a positive and transparent experience at every touch point.”

    Marc Lantrok, Senior Manager CRM Client Services

  • “One of our core values at Virgin is to do business for good. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first, focusing on positive messaging – fear-based tactics are
    not only unethical, but they’re also a lazy approach to marketing. We wouldn’t associate ourselves with any company or vendor that takes advantage of vulnerable
    people by using fear tactics that promote anxiety. It’s just not the Virgin Way.”

    Saul Lopes, Customer Lifecycle Lead 

  • “I strongly support the work Phrasee is doing on Emotions Matter. I believe that marketers should value and respect their customers enough to market to them as they would like to be marketed to. I think that great marketing comes from putting brands /products /services into the context of people’s lives. If you ignore that, you can end up with one dimensional messaging, often based on fear or anxiety. This kind of negative messaging can give marketers a bad name and alienate customers. And customers are people, just like us. That’s why Emotions Matter.”

    Matt Button, Head of CRM and Social

  • “I found Phrasee’s Emotions Matter campaign extremely insightful. It has definitely made us think about our responsibility as marketers and how we talk to consumers.”

    Adam Vanstone, Head of Campaigns


We'd love you to be part of this movement. If you want to stand with us, just email "Yes please" to emotionsmatter@phrasee.co and we'll get in touch!