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Email subject lines for The Royal Family

The Royal Family is the biggest brand in Britain.

This fact extends, in no small measure, to the rest of the world as well.

With that kind of coverage, one has to think that the marketing power this family is packing is unequalled by any other family in the world (yes that includes you, Kardashians).

And yet, with the exception of endorsing charitable causes and organisations, and living luxurious lifestyles at the British taxpayers expense, the House of Windsor has yet to effectively capitalise on their unparalleled fame.

We at Phrasee think that is a bit of a shame.

We believe that our subject line technology, coupled with the Royal family’s immense fame, could rock the email marketing world to its very foundation, and make us all fabulously rich in the process.

Having failed to act on the immense marketing opportunities of William and Kate’s Royal wedding, we at Phrasee would like to implore them not to let Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations to pass by unexploited as well.

Granted, Her Majesty’s Actual birthday was  April 21st, but the celebrations planned for her official Birthday, June 11th are rapidly approaching (Yes, you heard that right, she gets 2 birthdays!), and look to be spectacular indeed.

In the meantime, here’s a taste…

Email subject lines for The Royal Family

Prince Harry (Prince Henry of Wales)

“He got the throne, but I got the hair!”


Prince William (Duke of Cambridge)

“6 simple steps to gigantic teeth”

Prince Andrew (Duke of York)

“Live like a king whilst doing absolutely nothing. Step by step guide enclosed”


Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh)

“20 outrageous things I’ve said about ethnic minorities. Number 18 will shock you!”


Prince Charles (Prince of Wales)

“15 easy steps to a healthy marriage”


Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)

“My one step guide to making the Royal Family hot again”


Prince George (of Cambridge)

“I ate a whole bowl of beluga caviar while mum wasn’t looking. You won’t believe what happened next (VIDEO)”


Princess Charlotte (of Cambridge)

Princess Charlotte

“Goo gee gah nah ba hoooooooooo! Ha ha ha!”


Camilla Parker Bowles (Duchess of Cornwall)

Camilla Parker Bowles

“That’s right, I’m a Duchess now, so p*ss off!”


Queen Elizabeth (The Queen)

Queen elizabeth

“The 8 crappiest gifts I got for my 90th birthday. Thanks for the itchy scarf, Camilla”

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