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Email subject lines for your pet

Email marketers and pets have many things in common.

  • Both require food and water to survive
  • Both are known to take naps
  • Both are very food-focused
  • Both are very eager to please their masters
  • Both will play games all day (if you let them)

But there is one even more important key similarity between email marketers and pets:

They both spend a lot of time and effort trying to persuade people to do the things they want them to do.


Sadly (for the pets) the tools they have at their disposal to express their needs/desires are extremely limited.

For the email marketer, the options are far more extensive.

But what if they weren’t?

What if we evened the playing field a bit?

What if your pet could solicit what it wants from you via the extremely effective channel of email marketing?

What then?

As always, here at Phrasee, our email subject line optimisation technology has bigger fish to fry (pardon the pun).

Which is a shame, because when your cat needs to be let out to use the toilet, she certainly can’t live with the industry-wide historically low open rates for her marketing emails.

You might miss her message entirely.

If only she could increase her odds of getting her message through by as much as 417%, as our tech has been known to do…

But she can’t afford us. We do not accept bird corpses as payment.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate…

Email subject lines for your pet

Your cat

“7 scientifically proven reasons you should let me sleep all day”

Your fish

“BUSTED! The myth of ‘overfeeding’ debunked!”

Your rabbit

“The hidden medical benefits of carrots. Is your rabbit getting enough?”

Your bird

“5 stupid things you should stop saying over and over again to me, because I’m never going to repeat them”

Your turtle

“Top 3 household jerks who only paid attention to me when I was tiny and cute”

Your horse

“Check out these weight loss tips, you’re killing my spine”

Your goat

“Yeah, I can eat garbage, but that doesn’t mean I should”

Your dog

“You should take me with you every time you go anywhere. Seriously”

Your hamster

“Your kid is a psycho.”

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