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Email subject lines for classic video game characters

For three entire generations of consumers, video games and their characters have been a ubiquitous lifelong presence. Many have become cultural icons, as recognisable to the masses as today’s biggest pop divas and movie stars.

Some have transcended their humble beginnings and even become brands unto themselves, gracing the cereal aisle of our local supermarkets and the front window of designer shoe shops, right next to some of the most beloved icons of our time.

Since video game characters are not self-aware (yet), their likeness can be used to sell literally anything. Shame and dignity are no impediment.

We at Phrasee, who have long recognised email as the most effective marketing platform of the digital age found ourselves wondering: What if these characters brought their considerable brand power to bear on the world of email marketing?

What if we coupled these beloved characters with our cutting edge email subject line technology? Could it be a match made in heaven?

Sadly, Pac-Man’s people refused to return our calls, so our amazing tech will have to stick to generating opens, clicks and ROI for the brands that agreed to talk to us and liked what we had to say.

For now, all we can do is imagine the possibilities.

And imagine we have!

Email subject lines for classic video game characters


Image credit: Namco


“I ate a glowing ball while being chased by four ghosts. You won’t believe what happened next!”


Ms. Pac-Man

Image credit: Namco


“I have a bow on my head. Totally different game.”


Sonic the Hedgehog

Image credit: Sega


“10 secrets to running really fast all the time that scientists don’t want you to know!”


Donkey Kong

Image credit: Nintendo


“Wooden barrels, 30% off today at Crate and Barrel”



Image credit: Nintendo


“Amazing offers on plumbing services to get your pipes through the winter. (Yep, I’m a plumber, remember?)”



Image credit: Nintendo


“5 reasons my brother gets too much credit”


Lara Croft

Image credit: Eidos Interactive


“Daily flight deals to all your favourite tombs!”


Master Chief



Duke Nukem

“8 reasons violent video games are good for your child’s mental well-being”



“My name is not Zelda, dammit!”

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