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Email subject lines for modern cinema’s angriest characters

Modern cinema has brought us many amazing characters.

And, if you think about it, film characters are a lot like email subject lines:

  • Some make us laugh
  • Some make us cry
  • Some are interesting
  • Some are boring

But the good ones always have one thing in common: they make us feel something.

Put just the right actor in just the right role in just the right film, and you’ve got cinematic magic.

We here at Phrasee have always believed that something similar is true in the email marketing field. Put just the right email subject line on just the right email on just the right day and send it to just the right person, and you’ve got a different kind of magic. Well, maybe not “magic” exactly, but definitely conversions.

Is there a place somewhere in the ether where cinematic magic and email marketing magic meet? We think there just might be.

And, if there is, we’re pretty sure our machine learning email subject line optimisation technology could find and exploit it. But, sadly, our amazing tech is busy increasing our clients’ open rates, conversions and ROI at the moment. So for now, all we can do is speculate using our flabby human brains.

And speculate we shall!

This week, our cinematic motif will be “The Angry Person”. Why? Because there’s something cathartic about watching someone really let anger into the driver’s seat, even if only for a moment. Could that anger (and the world’s fascination with it) be translated into email marketing sales?

Let’s take a look…

Email subject lines for modern cinema’s angriest characters

Tommy DeSimone (Goodfellas)

“You think this subject line is funny? Funny how? Like it’s a clown? It amuses you?”


Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)

Image credit: Miramax


“Flash deal: Hattori Hanzō swords, up to 50% off today”


Daniel Plainview (There Will Be Blood)

Image credit: Miramax Pictures


“I hate most people. But you deserve an exclusive look at this year’s top moustache combs”


Walter Sobchak (The Big Lebowski)

Image credit: Working Title Films


“This is what happens when you spam a stranger in the inbox”


Annie Wilkes (Misery)

Image credit: Columbia Pictures


“I’m your number one fan”


Nurse Ratched (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest)

Image credit: United Artists


“Time spent reading marketing emails is very therapeutic”


Alex Forrest (Fatal Attraction)

Image credit: Paramount Pictures


“Have you ever emailed in an elevator?”


William Foster (Falling Down)

Image credit: Warner Bros


“I don’t want to be your buddy, [FIRST_NAME]. I just want a little breakfast”


Azog the Defiler (The Hobbit)

Image credit: Warner Bros


“I want the head of the Dwarf King!”


Francis Begbie (Trainspotting)

Image credit: Miramax Films


“Anybody else want to ignore my #@$%&$# emails!?!?”

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