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“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”


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Email subject lines for 2016’s sporting champions

Nobody holds sway among the people quite like a sporting champion.


For many, athletic achievement in the form of a championship is the highest honour they can hope to achieve in their lives. It represents the pinnacle of personal and financial success and leaves little room for improvement.

But here at Phrasee, we demand just a little bit more. Where others see an end, we see a beginning.

We believe that the influence garnered by a championship victory can be put to use in the arena of email marketing as well.

We imagine a world in which our cutting edge email subject line optimisation technology, proven to significantly improve open, click, and R.O.I. rates, could be combined with the influential brand of a world champion team or athlete to create an unstoppable email marketing force.

But until the day one of these sporting champions decides to employ the services of email marketing’s language champions, all there is left for us to do is wait.

We may never know the heights that such a combination could yield, for our machine learning technology is currently occupied increasing email marketing R.O.I. for the clients who have officially availed themselves of our services.

Yes, for the time being, all we can do is wait. Wait, and imagine…

Email subject lines for 2016’s sporting champions

Real Madrid (Champions League Champions)


“Learn the secret to our incredible international success. *Hint: we spend more money than everyone else*”

Nyquist (Kentucky Derby Champion)

Image credit: NBC


“What is a race? Also, can I get a carrot?”

Chicago Cubs (Major League Baseball Champions)

Image credit: MLB


“5 amazing products to get you through the next 108 years until we win again!”

Scott Rider (World Highland Games Caber Toss Champion)


“Sticky kilt holding you back? 50% off kilt lubricant this week only!”

Denver Broncos (National Football League Super Bowl Champions)

Image credit: Denver Broncos


“Our 6,000 page guide to understanding the rules of American football”

Leicester City (Premier League Champions)

Image credit: Leicester City Football Club


“How the hell did we just do that?”

Cleveland Cavaliers (National Basketball Association Champions)

Image credit: NBA


“10 totally legit reasons why our shoes cost £150”

Gary Anderson (PDC World Darts Championship Winner)

Image credit: BBC America


“This is a sport, right?”

Pittsburgh Penguins (National Hockey League Stanley Cup Champions)

Image credit: NHL


“Look like a champion, with our exclusive offer on ginger beard dye”

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