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Email subject lines for British railway services

Ah, the mighty British railway system.


It’s the oldest in the world, and the global blueprint for national railway systems from Tokyo to Moscow.

What could possibly go wrong?

A lot, if recent trends in delays and cancellations are any indication.

Thankfully, Britain’s train companies have gone to great lengths to keep the public informed of issues as and when they come up. And the internet’s oldest (and best) channel, email, has been helping them do it.

Here at Phrasee, where email is a way of life, we wondered whether there was something we could do to help. Subject lines, yup that’s the answer, we’ve created a bank of subject lines to help the British railway service communicate their message, and maybe ease the tension.

Every British railway brand is welcome to make use of our suggestions, free of charge.

You can thank us later…




1)What do you call a train that eats toffee? A “chew chew train”! Also: massive delays across our network.

Even the hardest blow can be softened by the right pun.


2) Rain? In London? We’re as shocked and unprepared as you are!

Let your customers know you’re all in the same boat. Who could predict such weather?


3)Crew shortage: If only our employees would stop using trains when trying to get to work on time…

Everyone will know exactly what you mean.


4) 2 gram leaf v. 40 tonne train: better safe than sorry

Explain “leaves on the track” delays with maths. Everybody likes maths!


5) Adorable lost kitten on the track! Would you prefer if we ran it over? Your vote counts!

This one will get everyone on your side, guaranteed.


Remember, rail brands, we at Phrasee think public mass transit is awesome. We aren’t here to make fun, we’re here to help.

The right subject line can make any message palatable, and the right subject line is what we at Phrasee are all about.

Call us!


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