Optimise Your Email Marketing Subject Lines With Phrasee

Email marketing subject lines powered by artificial intelligence

Out of trillions of ways to write a subject line, what are the odds your gut instinct gets it right?

Pretty much nil. And you’re probably losing sales.

Phrasee takes gut instinct out of the equation. It uses AI to generate and optimise email subject lines to increase open rates and make you more money. Awesome.

Phrasee is a AI technology that writes better subject lines than humans

It uses Natural Language Generation to write language that is indistinguishable from humans, whilst maintaining brand voice. This, combined with the application of Deep Learning to predict and optimise the performance of subject lines, delivers ongoing optimisation based on previous engagement results.  Every time a subject line split test is run (and Phrasee optimises 10-test variants succinctly per send), the result contains valuable information about the language that resonates with an audience.

More often than not this information is discarded, and the language for new campaigns is written from scratch and in isolation. Phrasee solves this problem. It uses the data from past email campaigns to build a behavioural model of audience engagement. This model is used to craft the language used in future campaigns, driving an increase in email open and click rates. If that wasn’t enough, Phrasee rebuilds its models when new data becomes available (i.e. after every email send), so it is able to adapt to factors that change over time.

Phrasee Phacts

  • megaphone

    Your brand voice

    Your brand isn’t generic – so why would you want a generic database of stock phrases in your marketing language? Phrasee’s algorithms are written for you, and no one else.

  • talking

    Human sounding

    Phrasee uses world-leading natural language generation and deep learning algorithms to generate marketing language that sounds human, and performs superhumanly.

  • algorithms

    Tailored algorithms

    Using our awesome algorithms, Phrasee learns what your audience responds to. And it works! Phrasee’s marketing language out-performs human generated language 95% of the time.

  • stopwatch

    Massive time savings

    Phrasee reduces time taken to produce smart marketing language from days to minutes... Meaning more time spent on strategy and creative content. Oh, and we don’t hold any of your personal data.

  • tech

    Multilingual awesomeness

    German? Spanish? Esperanto? No problemo. Phrasee's deep learning engine creates a machine representation of language, and gets you more opens and clicks, regardless of if you say "Hello" or "Bonjour".

  • money

    Make more money

    Better language = more opens, clicks and revenue. Phrasee optimizes towards all three metrics and uses deep learning to increase customer engagement and make you more money. Awesome.

Discover how applying actual AI to language can deliver big results!