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Email marketing: 7 awesome predictions for 2019

2018 was another fantastic year for the email marketing world.


Email marketing continued to outperform almost every other marketing channel in the world, Mark Zuckerberg had to testify before Congress (presumably to account for his outrageous statement that email was “dead” way back in 2010), and annual global email marketing revenues continued to climb.

Does that mean that we in the email marketing industry can afford to rest on our laurels in 2019? Not a chance.

Change is afoot all across the digital marketing realm, and email will be no different. As 2018 draws to a close, the “predictions for 2019” content will be flying fast and furious, and it behooves us all to ready ourselves for what’s to come.

But the thing with predictions posts is this: most blogs play it pretty safe, and make “predictions” that will more than likely come true, thus affirming their writer’s “expert” status. But since when did playing it safe ever get anyone anywhere? History’s most famous seer Nostradamus made his bones predicting things that NOBODY thought would ever happen. Then when they did, he looked like a real go-getter.

So, we decided to follow in Nostradamus’s illustrious footsteps this year and take some bigger risks with our email marketing predictions for the year to come. Sure, they probably won’t come true, but just imagine if they did! If nothing else, you’d DEFINITELY be back next year to see what you had to look forward to in 2020. And isn’t that what this is really all about?

1) Email will be re-branded as “Eperson” to keep up with current gender-neutral common-use linguistic trends. The tolerant socially conscious of the world will rejoice, while the world’s Men’s Rights Activists retreat to lick their wounds after taking yet another L.

2) Public sentiment about email, tarnished by the Hillary Clinton email “scandal” of 2017 and its fallout, will finally shift, as the world’s citizens collectively awake to the truth: maybe Twitter wasn’t the best communication platform for politicians to use after all?

3) Yet another high-profile social media billionaire entrepreneur will declare email “dead”. The world’s email marketers will respond with a collective and simultaneous “Pffffffffffft!” so loud that it can be heard from space.

Image credit: NBC

4) At long last, the antiquated concept of A/B split testing will fall out of favor and will be replaced by its vastly superior cousin; multivariate split testing. Confused email marketers across the globe will furrow their collective brows as they try to come to terms with the bizarre concept that there could possibly be more than 2 variations of any given marketing email.

5) Legislators will scramble to amend the GDPR as its most glaring loophole: Article 6(1)f – the legitimate interest clause – is successfully used to defend an unscrupulous email marketing brand in a landmark case. That defense?  The CEO of the company under scrutiny states under oath that she was “legitimately interested” in seeing how much money she could make by processing the ill-gotten user data in question. Checkmate.

Image credit: NBC

6) The terrifying truth about cloud-based data storage/computing tools will be revealed at last: there never was a cloud. It was actually just one intrepid entrepreneur with a whole bunch of thumb drives the whole time!

7) The “smart speaker” craze will turn the email marketing industry on its head, as email users decide that listening to Alexa read every email in their inbox out loud for hours on end is a far better use of one’s time than accessing them the old-fashioned way.


Image credit: Universal Pictures


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