All brand communications are predicated on one thing: language.

We help brands say it better across their digital channels

Be everywhere your customers are and connect across digital channels

The Phrasee platform brings together artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, and a spirit of customer-centricity as the only provider of its kind to generate, optimize, automate, and analyze language in real time across multiple channels.

Email marketing

No more subjective squabbles over language or endless hours in the thesaurus. Phrasee optimizes language for email subject lines, in-body copy, and calls-to-action.

Push messaging

Your days of hitting “send” and saying a prayer are over. Use Phrasee to generate more clicks from your push messages and enjoy some peace of mind.

Website and app messaging

Your customer has finally landed on your site or in your app. Now what? Phrasee maneuvers this critical crossroads with brand language optimized for revenue-boosting results.

SMS messaging

Get your important messages heard at the touch of a fingertip. Use Phrasee to remind customers about abandoned shopping carts and share important sale announcements (those Indonesian flutes are finally on sale, yes!). Generate new customers and re-engage old with Phrasee for SMS.

Social media messaging

Let Brand Language Optimization do the heavy lifting in the cluttered social media environment and use Phrasee to boost your ad performance on social media.

Empowering enterprise brands all over the world to say it better.

Turn clicks into loyal customers