How Superdry use Phrasee to cut through cluttered inboxes and gain retail footfall

Everybody needs to update their wardrobe every once in a while, even established brands. The Superdry team were looking for a new tool to help boost their engagement, and they knew just who to call. sells to over 100 countries worldwide, operating from 21 international websites. Email is a crucial marketing channel for the brand – and engagement figures were declining. Shopping habits have changed in recent years and the impact on traditional retailers has economic consequences. Superdry needed a way to increase eye share to boost email performance. They looked to AI technology Phrasee to help increase engagement and optimise results.

After digging through their marketing closet, the team came to the conclusion that their email marketing could use an AI accessory, an AI tool called Phrasee, to help increase engagement and optimise results. Email is a crucial marketing channel for Superdry, and to ensure that they remained relevant they needed something to help increase eye share and optimise their email marketing results. Could Phrasee’s avant-garde AI-powered copywriting technology optimise Superdry’s subject lines and grab the world’s attention?

“We suspected that Phrasee’s AI-optimised marketing copy would have a positive impact on our audience engagement, but we had no idea how big that impact would actually be... the results we’ve seen from giving Phrasee a try have been nothing short of amazing!”

Ian Mckenna, CRM Analyst

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