Forget guessing what copy might work.
Let artificial intelligence write it for you.

Once Phrasee has optimised your subject line, more people will be looking at your body copy. So why stop there? Phrasee’s powerful language generation software writes better body copy than humans. And gets you more clicks… and sales.

Why should I use Phrasee to bolster my body copy?

Engaging, not spammy.

More clicks matter… a lot. But, your brand won’t benefit from spammy clickbait. Phrasee’s language generation algorithms maximise your customers’ experience… minus the spam.

In your brand’s voice.

You spend so much time making your brand awesome. So, the copy inside your emails must be on brand! Our computational linguists ensure Phrasee’s output is tailored to your brand’s voice.

ESP agnostic.

No matter which software you use to send your emails, Phrasee works alongside it. Also – Our UI is super simple. It’ll take you no more than 5 minutes per campaign. And that’s a promise!

Powerful optimisation.

Phrasee’s machine learning algorithms look at countless semantic and syntactic patterns in your body copy. The end result? Continuously optimised opens, clicks and sales. Awesome!

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