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Why we took on £1m in Phrasee funding (and what it means…)

Parry here, CEO and co-phounder of Phrasee. I’ve got some some cool news about Putney’s fastest growing AI company, Phrasee.

On behalf of Phrasee’s awesome phounders, Dr Neil Yager, Victoria Peppiatt and myself, we’re super stoked to announce that we have taken on a substantial funding round – £1 million pounds (or, with the current exchange rate, $27.42).

To let you know what this means, I’m going to interview myself.


Hey Parry. How’s it going?

Very well thanks! You know, it’s so refreshing to have such a handsome interviewer. What are you doing later?

That’s weird. Hey, tell me, who invested in Phrasee?

The round was led by Next 15, a communications business which employs over 1,350 people across 32 offices in 14 countries. Other investors included Galvanise Capital, a London-based angel syndicate focusing on marketing technology.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, you can read the press release here.

Sweet! So, why did they invest in Phrasee?

Because we’re awesome, obv.

Seriously tho. What Phrasee’s doing is innovative, solves a real business problem, and drives revenue for our customers. From the first meeting, our investors “got it” – and could visualise the power of Phrasee. Further, Next 15’s global network provides Phrasee with a route-to-market that would be unattainable otherwise.

We are unwavering in our vision – to supercharge digital marketing using artificial intelligence. And to be awesome in everything we do in life and in business.

When did you close the deal?

The deal went through on July 1st, Canada Day, which we thought was cool, with me and our chief scientist Dr Neil Yager both being Canadian.

What’s even awesomer is this is one of the first major post-Brexit investments in UK MarTech. It’s a strong signal of confidence in the UK’s technology sector. We’re very proud to be trailblazing London’s thought economy.

What does this investment mean for Phrasee? And, are you hiring?

Loads! This investment is being spent on two things – R&D and global expansion. So guess what? We’ve got a bunch of jobs going. Check out our open positions. BTW – if you refer someone to us who gets the job, we’ll give you £500. Just saying.

Slow clap. Way to go. You’re my new local hero.

Great, thanks a lot, your sarcasm is much appreciated. You know what? I’m not sure I like you very much. But you’re me. So I can’t not like me. I’m so confused.

Existential crisis aside, what can people expect from Phrasee moving forward?

Forget the future, let’s talk about right now! While I was spending long hours with lawyers and bankers, the R&D team were doing actual work. And we’ve got some cool stuff to share…

Phrasee is now for more than subject lines!

What? No way! Can it sort out my Tinder profile?

No, dude, only Photoshop can help with that. But here’s what Phrasee can do:

  • Stunning subject lines. As you’ve come to know and love. More info.
  • Bold body copy. Optimised messaging inside your email. More info.
  • Cool calls-to-action. Click here to find out more. Kidding, the link is here.
  • Tremendous triggers. Optimisation for always-on campaigns. More info.

Oh yeah – also – Phrasee is now available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Next on our list is Luxembourgish, obviously.

Cheers dude. What did your mum have to say about it?

She said, “Oh Parry, we’re so proud of you. You’ve always been our favourite. We never really liked your brother.” Editor’s note: she said no such thing.

Awesome, thanks for your time, Parry!

Cheers Parry, catch you on the flippity flip!


I’d like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to our customers, partners, phriends… and importantly to the awesome Phrasee team!

Phrasee team & Phrasee careers

The AWESOME Phrasee team!

It’s been a wild ride since we launched Phrasee, and things ain’t gonna slow down anytime soon.

Shameless plug:

It’s time to say hello to the science of marketing language. It’s time to embrace the future of email marketing. It’s time to get in touch and learn how Phrasee’s magic can get you more opens, more clicks… and more conversions.

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