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Who to follow: Jenna Tiffany


Jenna Tiffany is a digital marketing dynamo.

A Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the IDM, Jenna has over ten years’ marketing experience across both B2B and B2C industries and has consulted with brands such as Shell, Hilton and World Duty-Free (just to name a few) on their digital and email marketing strategies. She’s an elected member of the prestigious DMA UK Email Marketing Council, the Chair of the Email Best Practice hub shaping the industry’s best practice, and is heavily involved in developing this rapidly-evolving field’s latest research.

With bona fides like that, it’s easy to see why Jenna Tiffany is one of digital marketing’s most highly sought after speakers, and why email marketing’s most influential brands regularly seek her input on the field’s latest and most important trends.

Currently working as Founder and Strategy Director of a marketing consultancy called LetsTalk Strategy, Jenna’s journey to digital marketing prominence has been a bit more linear than many we’ve chatted with in the past.

After completing her Business, Management & Marketing degree, it quickly became clear to Jenna that digital marketing was her calling. After working for a variety of businesses including travel companies, retail brands, and financial services strategising and implementing marketing campaigns across all digital channels, Jenna experienced first hand how effective email marketing can be in comparison to other channels such as SEO and PPC (when budgets are compared). This led Jenna to join an Email Service Provider (ESP) as their Senior Strategist within the technology space, where she consulted with a variety of brands to optimise the email channel alongside their other digital channels. Eventually, Jenna became their spokesperson, sharing her experience and advice on how brands could to get the most out the email channel at industry events and to the marketing press.

Then in 2017, Jenna took the plunge, leaving her full-time job to start her own marketing agency called Let’sTalk Strategy. The rest, as they say, is history. Jenna and Let’sTalk Strategy have gone from strength to strength, which may explain why Jenna was recruited to speak about email marketing strategy at over 100 industry events last year.

All this, coupled with a lively social media presence practically dripping with expert insight, has made Jenna Tiffany one of Phrasee’s phavourite follows for years beyond counting.

Also worth a follow? Let’sTalk Strategy’s Twitter account: 

Now that we’ve established Jenna’s digital marketing credentials beyond reasonable doubt, let’s see what else this entrepreneurial superstar has to say…

Who to follow: Jenna Tiffany


Jenna Tiffany tale of the tape

Favourite food: Anything Gluten Free! If there’s a GF pizza I am there!

Pets: My husband and I have a cocker spaniel dog called Archie. Everyone who meets him says he’s the happiest dog, I’m not sure about that but he’s definitely the craziest and the most energetic!

Who to follow: Jenna Tiffany

Dream job as a child: I wanted to be a professional contemporary dancer as a child. I had a good stab at it, being invited to dance for the Queen as part of Devon Youth Dance group at her Golden Jubilee Celebrations and if it wasn’t for injury I may have succeeded!

Guilty pleasure: Not really a guilty pleasure, but I love box sets. As soon as I’ve watched the first episode I’m too impatient to wait to watch the next one and will binge watch in one weekend!

Pet peeve: The saying “Low hanging fruit” – I used to have a boss who would constantly quote that saying whenever we needed to increase performance and it used to drive me crazy! I’m also a huge GF advocate and hate it when people ask you if it’s just a ‘fad’?!


An interview with Jenna Tiffany


For those who might not know, what is Let’sTalk Strategy, and how does it make life easier for marketers and brands?

At Let’sTalk Strategy, we create marketing strategies that make brands more money. It’s that simple. The strategies we create aren’t guesses, they generate results because they are tailored to the individual business.

We’re a team of experts with a combined experience of several decades for both large and small brands across a wider variety of industries in both B2B and B2C markets. We can help with any marketing challenge or campaign including email marketing, search (SEO & PPC), Social Media, Website design, Branding, Sales Force Marketing Cloud development and integration, training and public speaking. We can look after every aspect of a project for you or provide input when needed to make a marketers job easier.


Where does email fit into a robust marketing strategy?

Email marketing remains the bedrock of marketing, achieving the highest ROI of any digital channel. Email has a vital role to play in the customer journey, and a strategy is a key to keeping up with ever-changing consumer demands. As a result, email has come from a tactical place of sending an email unsegmented, not personalised to everyone all in one go, to a very sophisticated strategic place to engage in the increasingly competitive inbox. A strategy is critical, outlining a plan for achieving the business’s goals and objectives.

The strategy will define what email marketing to send, to whom to send it to and when to send it but also alongside other marketing channels. Email doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and it’s important that all marketing channels complement each other rather than fight with each other. Email marketing can acquire new customers, engage existing customers and convert prospecting buyers. Email is more than a push channel it can also be used to pull in new subscribers, leads and attract new buyers.


What key advantages does email have over other marketing channels?

Email marketing achieves outstanding results! The highest ROI of any digital channel. It is also cheap in comparison to SEO and PPC. The other key advantage is the speed to market, the ability to build an email and dispatch it to customers in a very efficient way.


Which current digital marketing trend are you most excited about?

It has to be AI! 😊 There is a split opinion on AI as to whether it is exciting or daunting in taking away peoples jobs, but I can only see AI as an exciting opportunity. AI is a powerful tool for a marketer that drives results. I’m excited to see how sophisticated and far this technology will go. It’s about time we let the machines do the heavy lifting, enabling us marketers to spend more time strategising and being creative.


How should brands be leveraging email to support their social media marketing efforts?

There are many ways both channels can work together to reap the rewards. Firstly as an example, sharing engagement insight from both channels is incredibly useful to understand what’s working with a particular segment and what isn’t. Both channels provide an opportunity to test new ideas out and then learn from the results. Secondly, email subscribers (if you have the permission) can be retargeted on social media channels to complete their purchase or can be used as a brand building exercise. Both channels are most effective when they are working together and not in isolation.


What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the digital/email marketing field?

Get as much hands-on experience as possible. After graduating, I started out as a lone range marketer, the first ever that had joined the particular company. Of course, it’s daunting, but that provided me with brilliant experience across all channels. I even packed the envelopes including the direct mail and product sample for the promotional campaign! I’d also highly recommend attending as many events as possible. Get chatting to people, gather insights into industries, understand key challenges/trends and grow your network. And never be afraid to learn. Marketing is a discipline that is continuously evolving, you have to be prepared to be constantly learning.


Which technologies will have the most significant impact on how digital marketing is done in the months and years to come?

Marketing automation will continue to have a huge impact this year. Not that it is anything new, but more and more businesses are in a place where they can either invest or integrate MA to improve their marketing efforts. I have worked with many brands over the past year who have added automation to the very top of their technology requirement list, and I only see that trend continuing to grow. There will become a point where marketing automation is no longer a requirement; it is a given necessity to be able to provide the timely and personalised email experience that all brands are striving to achieve. As the approach to email marketing becomes more sophisticated so, in turn, do the requirements of the technology, and in the future, this is likely to advance the need for automated AI.

Personalisation provides a vast and exciting opportunity to email marketers to bring to life the optimal right time, right message, right person journey. The technology has been available for some time, but it is currently underutilised with emails still being sent without any personalisation or acknowledgement of the surrounding context to a customer’s journey which demonstrates it’s underused. The ability to personalise email based on a customer’s activities and preferences at scale remains a massive opportunity to email marketers and one that continues to be a trend. Personalisation puts the sexy back in email marketing!


What is your favourite thing about working with email?

It’s continually evolving, you can never get bored, and the email marketing community is awesome!


What was the most difficult part of striking out on your own and starting Let’sTalk Strategy?

I think the most challenging part for me was in taking the plunge of running my own business. I walked away from a full-time job, with a monthly salary and there’s no denying that the first couple of weeks when you don’t have an established company to fall back on and are at risk of not receiving a salary are the most daunting. You have to keep going, have self-confidence and faith that you will make it a success and keep being out there speaking to as many people as possible, getting the company brand name out there and growing your business.


What’s the most exciting thing going on in your life today?

Lots of travelling! I love to travel personally and can tie together business travel to events, meeting clients etc. all over the world with extended stays so I can actually visit the places I am travelling too rather than just seeing a lot of airports and meeting rooms!

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