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Who to follow: Jason Stockwell

Who to Follow: Jason Stockwell (@jj_stockwell)

Jason Stockwell is the digital marketing manager at Modern, a self-described highly-focused B2B marketing agency that delivers integrated digital campaigns and strategies that drive faster growth for technology companies.

Jason is an account manager, and also oversees Modern’s social media presence and outbound marketing campaigns.

Far from dry, Jason’s tweets include amazing gifs (like the one above), interesting links, funny retweets and informative blog posts from Modern.

Now that we know he Twitters well, let’s see what else he knows…

An interview with Jason Stockwell

Which digital channels do you find to be the most effective for B2B marketing?

There isn’t a one size fits all channel in B2B marketing, it usually takes a multi-touch campaign to convert leads. Most of our website traffic is through social media. We find Twitter and LinkedIn to be the most effective.

Do you approach both Twitter and LinkedIn in the same way, from a brand voice perspective?

From the brand, yes. The brand voice needs to be consistent, regardless of which channel is being used. The content distributed on each is different. Twitter is used a lot more to engage with other users through curated content, this isn’t as smooth on LinkedIn. For me, I’m a lot more casual on Twitter, but through LinkedIn my tone is a lot more professional.

Curated content on Twitter works well for us. But LinkedIn works better for careers through Modern and client quotes. There are things that work well on both, latest blog posts, whitepapers and case studies work well. Video works very well on both (usually using native Twitter video and YouTube on LinkedIn). Another technique that works well is shattering content from infographics into individual stats for distribution on social media. By breaking down these infographics into smaller, more shareable snippets you can make the content work harder and go further.

What makes one an “influencer” on social media?

Everyone has different influencers on social for a start. Some top things we look for are. 1. Who is following them – are they the target audience? 2. How engaged are their audience with tweets? 3. How often do they engage with other users on social media? 4. How easy would engaging with the influencer be? Can they be reached through social media and how can you develop the relationship to eventually take it offline?

What makes a Twitter account worth following?

Firstly, a good profile. For me, it’s a visual thing. The best profiles are the ones that stand out; it’s one thing to follow an account and another to become an advocate. Having a good Twitter profile page still matters, this is something I have written about recently.

For me, it’s visuals are the top thing. If the design is of a really bad quality then I have to unfollow.

The content sharing has to be entertaining relevant and interesting and I want people to engage back as well. Just sharing anything like ‘Pay me $500 and I will share your content to my audience’ doesn’t cut it anymore. Those guys suck.

Have you found email marketing to be an effective channel?

Yes, as long as you do it right.

What does “doing it right” in email marketing look like?

Not being lazy with it. It’s like any outbound channel. By split testing email subject lines and using remarketing emails in campaigns to get a sense of what is working.

How do you envision the role of social media and email marketing channels changing over the next few years?

Social will become algorithm focused and people will close down their networks. It will eventually become harder to market to people through social media organically. Email marketing will continue to develop. It’s already pretty mobile focused. I don’t feel I’m as much of an expert as you guys on this. Marketing emails will become more one-to-one and hooked up with CRMs to track activity coming from individual sales users accounts. Similar to plugins we see with Yesware and Act-On (Still early days). That way you can deliver personalised emails and content tailored to the individual every time.

Social media and email will work closer together in campaigns to create a combined, multi-touch approach. By using remarketing and retargeting through email and social, users will get a rounded experience across a variety of marketing channels.

Final question, for branding’s sake, who is your favourite superhero?


Image credit: Marvel


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