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Who to follow: EmailMonks

Jaymin Bhuptani: Who to follow: emailmonks

Who to follow: Jaymin Bhuptani (@emailmonks)

Jaymin Bhuptani is the founder and director of EmailMonks (his colleagues fondly refer to him as “The Master Monk”). A consummate businessman, Jaymin has a passion for web technologies, digital marketing, and all things business growth.

Jaymin’s journey with email began in 2006, whilst pursuing his MBA, when he used email marketing for a research paper on e-commerce acceptance in the Middle East. Since then, Jaymin says his quest to help clients “get the best ROI through digital channels” steered him, with increasing frequency, toward email.

Email, Jaymin says, “was personally my most preferred and loved channel to build brand relationships and justify ROI”.

In 2012, Jaymin and his team encountered difficulty coding emails that rendered perfectly across all popular devices and realised that many others in the industry must be experiencing similar problems. He saw an opportunity within the challenge and decided to “focus on building expertise in responsive email template production and add value to email marketers by not only saving their time but also making their life easier.”

In January of 2013 this decision culminated in the birth of EmailMonks, some of the best branding in the business, and one awesome (and extremely helpful) Twitter account.

So, now that we know a bit more about the fascinating enigma that is Indian email superbrand EmailMonks (an enigma we at Phrasee have been deeply curious about for quite some time), let’s find out a bit more about the people and ideas behind the EmailMonks brand…

Jaymin Bhuptani fact sheet:

Favourite food: Indian and Oriental cuisines

Least favourite food: Burgers and other fast food

Dream job as a child: To run my business. I come from a business family and that’s what I dreamt of.

Last holiday: Australia

Rating of last holiday out of 10: 10

Favourite thing to do on a day off: Spend time with my two kids. My daughter, Deea is 6 years old and my son, Garv, will turn 3 in next few months. I also like painting and try to express my thoughts through colours whenever I get a chance.


An interview with EmailMonks Founder Jaymin Bhuptani

What is EmailMonks and what services does your company provide?

EmailMonks is a specialised service focusing on delivering awesome email templates and landing pages. We design and code over 2500 custom templates every month catering to 3500+ clients worldwide including brands like Disney, National Geographic, Oracle and 21st Century Fox. We also support over 300 email and digital marketing agencies worldwide as their behind the scenes template production partner.

Our vision is to “Become the FIRST choice for everyone who needs HELP with email templates”.

Does EmailMonks operate exclusively out of India, or do you have offices in other countries?

Yes, EmailMonks operates primarily out of India. All our production, customer support and marketing teams are based in India. However we have physical presence in Australia and the US where few of our team members represent Monks brand including EmailMonks, WebbyMonks, HubMonks and MobbyMonks.

We offer services of global standards, which make brands like Disney, National Geographic and 21st Century Fox rely on us.

Do you think the approach to designing and coding email templates in India is different from elsewhere in the world?

EmailMonks is an indigenous venture from India and is world’s largest email template production company now – producing 2500+ templates/month. One of the reasons for this is because India is a talent powerhouse from a technical viewpoint (be it HTML coding or Photoshop) so scaling up the digital production is comparatively easier in India due to its large talent pool.

So I would say our approach is more or less the same but the young and technically skilled people, and flourishing service outsourcing industry makes it much more favourable.

Who founded EmailMonks?

Myself and three other initial team members.

How many people were there at the beginning?

Just five. Now we are a family of more than 125 since 2016.

What have been some of the biggest changes in the email marketing industry during the time EmailMonks has been running?

The biggest change we have noticed during the last few years is the way users access their emails. There has been a huge shift in mobile email accessibility and email clients have adapted this change well. However, innovation and standardisation with email clients is slow (but it’s catching up). This has helped to achieve some really interesting interactivity within email templates like gifs, video and countdowns etc. Emails are becoming mailable microsites – and Monks are really excited about that.

What problems do you think email still needs to solve?

Standardisation and advancements with email clients. Email clients typically follow web browsers in terms of innovation. However, there are still many limitations with email clients like outlook, gmail etc. With better support of email clients, emails can present information in much better and structured way.

Final question, for branding’s sake, who is your favourite superhero?

Steve Jobs is the Godfather. Within email marketing industry I admire few brands – Litmus and MailChimp to name a few.

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