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What’s new with Phrasee?

An interview with Phrasee VP, Product, Jasper Pye

In the world of marketing, life comes at you fast. Emerging market trends and shifting consumer behaviors keep brands and their marketing departments on their toes at all times.  

As the premiere AI-Powered Copywriting company in the martech space, we here at Phrasee are constantly evolving. Evolving as a company, evolving as global citizens, and evolving as a brand.  

But what good is being a cool company with great people and a respected brand if your product sucks?  

Not much good at all. 

That’s why the most important ongoing evolution of all is that of the Phrasee product. Our world-beating AI-Powered Copywriting and language optimization tools need to stay ahead of the trends and ahead of the pack at all times.  

That’s why we have VP, Product, Jasper Pye. 

Jasper has his finger on the pulse of Phrasee’s phantastic product: the world’s most effective AI-Powered Copywriting platform. 

So, we decided to check in with Jasper to find out how Phrasee’s product has been progressing over the past 12 months to bring our phriends, partners, and clients in on what’s new with Phrasee’s tech during this tumultuous time, and what we can all expect from Phrasee’s awesome product team in the months to come. 

Here’s what Jasper had to say… 

1. It’s been an interesting 12 months for everyone, including those in the martech business. How has Phrasee been coping? 

Not to put a positive spin on the events taking place in our world right now, but the current situation has definitely given myself and the rest of the product team some time and space to refocus. From our CEO Parry Malm down, we’ve made the most of this chance to look at what we want to accomplish in the next 12 months, and what the next version of Phrasee’s product will look like.

The current iteration of Phrasee has been serving our growing list of clients really well and the results it delivers are awesome, but we’re always looking to innovate to enhance the results further for every brand and partner we touch.

It’s obviously been a challenging time across the board, but it’s also been inspiring to see the way customers have adapted and the collaboration through this period has been awesome. Being a part of these efforts to push forward under difficult circumstances has inspired us to find ways to make the work Phrasee does on behalf of customers even better.

"This situation has obviously been a difficult time for all, but it's been positive to see customers adapting and continuing to use our product."

Jasper Pye, VP, Product

2. How has your role as Phrasee’s product lead changed with all that’s been going on?

I probably spend more time being a “product guy” than I did previously. I have less direct interaction with Phrasee’s customers and the wider Phrasee team. Under normal circumstances, I have a lot of input in many different areas of our business.

I’ve spent more time focused on long-term planning. Thankfully, things have been running quite smoothly as we’ve made the transition to remote work, which is a credit to the flexibility and nimbleness of both the internal team and the Phrasee product.


3. What have you been working on specifically from a product standpoint?

I’ve been focused on 3 main areas over the past 12 months:

i) Rebuilding our platform

Phrasee is working with more big enterprise companies now, so we rebuilt the platform to accommodate a seamless AI-Powered Copywriting experience across multiple marketing channels.

ii) Improving reporting capabilities

We had a lot of feedback from our clients that they wanted more robust reporting data and improved access to performance data. To this end, we’ve focused on improving our dashboards and exportable reporting capabilities to ensure that every Phrasee customer has a clear picture of how we are impacting marketing performance.

iii) An ongoing effort to build integrations

We’ve released our own application programming interface (API), which has allowed us to rendering dynamic AI-Powered Copywriting on top of customers’ existing imaging/media/templates. Our goal in these efforts is to make our system more accessible – allowing 3rd parties to plug into Phrasee, and Phrasee being able to plug into 3rd parties.

Notably, we’ve released the following integrations:

Movable Ink – this allows us to seamlessly power our customers’ email content with AI-powered copy

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – we rebuilt our integration from the ground up, which represents a significant timesaving in setting up campaigns for our users. We also have an automation available for running AlwaysOn campaigns, which furthers our capabilities across our customers’ different campaign types.

"We’re laser-focused on developing smarter ways to apply our technology to optimize marketing content."

Jasper Pye, VP, Product

4. What new product developments should Phrasee’s partners/clients be aware of as 2020 rolls on?

We’ve got some really exciting internal projects on the go. I can’t get into the specifics of these too much at this stage, but we’re laser-focused on developing smarter ways to apply our technology to optimize marketing content.

Our existing testing modalities have proven to be limited in some ways, so we’re looking at more dynamic ways to optimize AI-powered content.

Again, our ongoing effort to develop new integrations remains a top priority and will do for the foreseeable future. Ultimately, we want Phrasee to be integrated with every platform our customers use.

Some highlights of Partner integrations to expect this year:

Expect more exciting announcements around plugging our product into new channels and platformsThe emerging digital-first marketing paradigm is all about connectability, so this is also a top priority for the Phrasee product team. 


5. What does the future hold for Phrasee from your perspective? 

As a team, we’ve evolved our overall business vision. We want to get to the point where we can be seamlessly plugged into any martech stack and make things even more “hands off” for our clients. Our goal is to make Phrasee-optimized content easy to integrate with any brand’s delivery platforms.

At the end of the day, we really want to get our product to a place where every one of our customers’ consumer-facing touchpoints can be optimized by Phrasee and AI-Powered Copywriting.

From my perspective, we’re well on our way to accomplishing exactly that and our roadmap is awesome.