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Using digital marketing to connect with digital-first audiences in finance

Finance marketers have had a wild year. As 400 million full-time jobs disappeared, people everywhere have had to tighten their belt and move money around. The markets have been an absolute rollercoaster, and through it all, marketers in the finance industry are expected to project an air of calm assurance and helpfully direct consumers to the right products for their changing needs without being overly salesy.

Well, we think that sounds hard.

We’d like to show a little love to these brave souls, which is why we’re kicking off this series of articles specifically for them. First up: let’s talk about Millennials.

Millennials don’t have it easy. They’re carrying more college debt. Real estate prices are astronomical in many places. It’s harder for them to find good jobs as a string of low- or non-paying internships becomes more common. And the cherry on top? They’ve been the hardest hit group financially during the pandemic. So why should financial marketers be focused on Millennials right now? Because although they might not be flush with cash these days, they’re poised to inherit more money than any generation in history. And they’re going to need help figuring out how to make it last. Creating authentic connections with this generation today could result in outsized lifetime customer value.

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One side effect of the pandemic is an overwhelming shift to digital banking and away from cash as people try to stay safe and avoid personal contact. As the IDC puts it, “Personal mobile devices will become a user’s central operating device, enabling payments to peers and to businesses. Consumers will use mobile devices to operate ATMs and terminals remotely without touching the screen. Technology providers should be focusing on alternative authentication methods through biometrics.” These new technologies will be especially attractive for Millennials, who are usually the first adopters.

To connect with this digital-first generation, you need world-class digital marketing. But how do you speak to this group as well as older, more wealthy people while maintaining a consistent brand voice? Especially when you’re communicating through dozens of different digital channels? Oh, and let us not forget that you’re trying to do it while advertising and marketing budgets are being cut.

The bottom line is that you need tools to help you scale your communications efficiently across channels so that no matter who you’re talking to, you come across as calm, authoritative, and on-brand. This is where AI comes in.

To learn more about the six key trends in finance marketing (of which appealing to millennials is one), check out our full report.