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Phrasee’s phavorite marketing tweets of the year: 2019


The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl again (YAWN). Manchester City won the Premier League again (Zzzzzzz). Donald Trump and Brexit dominated both the headlines and casual conversations around the dinner table again (again???). 

Here at Phrasee, things have been a fair bit more exciting. Our CEO Parry Malm crushed it on CNBCWe began working with a bevy of awesome brands – with outstanding results. And, finally, we finished off the year with an act of kindness at scale. 

As expected, the marketing industry once again wowed us all with its imagination, humor, and creativity in 2019, nowhere more so than on Twitter. We carried out our longstanding tradition of combing the tweets of the marketing game’s best and brightest each and every month, searching out their finest nuggets of Twitter gold for our beloved monthly “Tweets of the Month” posts. 

Back in 2018, email marketing superhero Anne Tomlin took home Phrasee’s coveted “Tweet of the year” crown and 100 bucks worth of free Domino’s Pizza. Sure, this prestigious award may not have been all that coveted at the time (since no one knew it existed yet). But Anne stepped up to the plate and won it, nonetheless. 

Which marketing genius has earned themselves the tweet of the year crown and a meal fit for a king in 2019?  

Let’s take a look at the candidates… 

Best reminder…


Best use of Liam Neeson…


Slow clap.

Best Gif…

So many layers of awesomeness here.

Best clapback…

Now that’s a clapback. 

Best callout…

What are we even doing here?

Best “you’re making us blush”…


Best metaphor…


Best junior CEO…

Insulting your infant. Great start.

Best innovation…

Cleverness factor: 11.

Best glimpse of the future…

Not sure what they’re advertising here, but we’ll take 3.

Best minimalism…

That’s just great stuff.

So, which tweet was crowned 2019’s marketing tweet of the year? It’s a tough call and, in a way, all the tweets we’ve included are winners.  

But in another, more accurate wayElliot Ross is the winner. His endless dedication to the important craft of marketing tweets continues to be an inspiration to us all, and decades-old pop culture references are the stuff that dreams are made of here at Phrasee.   

Congratulations, Elliot! You’ve won a $100 Domino’s Pizza feast for yourself and all your besties on the Action Rocket team! 

Tweet on, marketing world. We’ll be watching as always, and we’ll see you all in 2020! 

Happy New Year! 

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