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Phrasee’s phavorite marketing tweets of the month: November 2016

In the 11th tumultuous month of this eminently tumultuous year, many in the email community shifted their focus away from world events and toward more wholesome activities.


In the end, as always, we soldiered on, redoubling our efforts to show the world that our channel is, and always will be, the best one in the game.

On Twitter, we rallied, stoic in our resolve to present a united front and to celebrate our victories, one fantastic tweet at a time.

Here are a phew of our phavourites:

Phrasee’s phavourite email marketing tweets of the month: November 2016


This month, #emailgeeks finally got a definitive answer to the age-old question: What is the industry’s best ESP? The answer? “Other”, apparently. Don’t worry, we’ve never heard of them either, but we like the cut of their jib, and may decide to buy some stock.

We here at Phrasee celebrated big wins at the 2016 UK business Awards…



Meanwhile, others among us celebrated things that their colleagues didn’t quite understand…


But this was a big month for all of us email marketers, as it was for our retail benefactors… because… Black Friday, that’s why!

But we were too busy to brave the nightmarish hellscape that is Black Friday. We had small victories to enjoy…


And, as always, there were spammers to contend with. It appeared they had been upping their dirty game as well…


Even our beloved #emailgeeks hashtag, once so fruitful for keeping abreast of our community’s progress, was slipping slowly into automated, hijacked chaos…


But we took comfort where we could find it. Safe in the knowledge that we were fighting the good fight…


Because if we didn’t stop and smell the waffles once in a while, what would we do with our Saturdays?


Meanwhile, at Taxi For Email’s “Emailgeeks Christmas Meetup” event, email marketing’s most intriguing bromance continued to blossom between ActionRocket’s Elliot Ross and Phrasee’s very own Parry Malm. Their celebrity couple name? “Parriot Moss” (TM). Stay tuned to our blog for all the hottest Parriot Moss updates.



So tweet on, you crazy email diamonds. We’ll be watching, and we’ll see you in December!

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