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Phrasee’s phavorite marketing tweets of the month: July 2016

It’s been an exciting month for us here at Phrasee.

The Phrasee Squad

And not just because of Pokémon Go.

We have partnered with Galvanise Capital and Next 15 to expand our global reach and bring our awesome tech to bear on new aspects of the email marketing field.

Which is good, because the email marketing field is filled to bursting with amazing and talented people.

People who tweet things.

Funny things.

Interesting things.

Twitter things.

Here are a phew of our phavourites from the past month:

Phrasee’s phavourite email marketing tweets of the month: July 2016

We didn’t realise how much we’d missed being rickrolled until we clicked this link.


When is Black Phriday again, anyway?


If you aren’t phollowing @EmailSnarketing yet, you should be. She knows her onions and is phunny.


Speaking of knowing one’s onions, “Email Marketing’s Grave” is probably our phavourite podcast name ever, and well worth a listen.


Great meme. We hope this continues all the way to the election.


That gif… what a gif.


This made us laugh.


And since July encompasses both American Independence Day and Canada Day, we, as always, finish with one of our own.

Keep tweeting, and we’ll see you next month, you beauties.

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