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Phrasee’s phavorite marketing tweets of the month: February 2018

Aquarians are the best.

Image credit: NBC


Sure, we may be unreliable, stubborn, indecisive, and inflexible, but we are also intelligent, social, independent AND excellent communicators (not to mention good-looking).

Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran are all Aquarians… so… yeah… that’s a thing as well. Sadly, both Phrasee and our venerable founder Parry Malm missed the cut and must suffer as lowly Pisces

But it’s not only perfect and talented babies that February produces.

The year’s shortest month is also famed for its amazing email marketing tweets!

Let’s have a look, shall we?


February 2018 was a month in which some urged caution…


While others threw caution to the wind…



Frustrations boiled over…


And harsh truths were told…



We spoke the language of the youths…


And celebrated our victories…



We reckoned our T-shirt game was on point…


Then wondered if the children of the 80s beat us to it…



We networked hard (has there ever been a more appealing proposal?)…


Shared our knowledge (we’re generous like that)…



And pondered life’s great mysteries…


We created new mysteries for future generations to solve (we still don’t get this one, but we like it)…



And, above all, we made sure that the warm fuzzies were flying fast and free, because, isn’t that really why we’re all here?


So tweet on, you email marketing diamonds in the rough. We’ll be watching as always, and we’ll see you all in March (the realm of the Pisces)!


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