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Phrasee’s phavorite marketing tweets of the month: August 2018

It’s true… Summer is drawing to a close. But hey, Autumn isn’t ALL bad…


As we wrapped up our summer revelry and steeled ourselves to spend the next few months preparing to meet the long, dark winter head on once more, it was a time for reflection in the email marketing community.

Email marketing turned 40 this year. It’s a significant milestone for any industry, especially one based on a channel many have predicted would die a quick death each and every year for the better part of the past decade.

Forgoing the opportunity to gloat and deride email’s many naysayers wasn’t a conscious decision. We took the high road not because we are above such pettiness, but because the annual “email is dead” blogfest has become so predictable that it is little more than white noise to our ears.

Plus, we had better things to tweet about, and many questions that only email marketing tweets could answer to our satisfaction.

Let’s see how we did this month…


Email as fashion? Yes…


Did people get it yet? Nope… 


Did we have our own unique problems to deal with? You bet…


Did we discover anything that beat a good email marketing conference. Absolutely not…


Were we still willing to poke a little fun at ourselves? Uh huh…


Had we forgotten how to make the most of Twitter’s greatest communication tool: the mighty GIF? Never!


Were we still willing to invest a little time creating something that would accomplish little more than making our fellow #emailgeeks smile? Of course!


Were we above a little high-quality snarking? Clearly not…


Could we still bend a meme to our email marketing and self-promotional will? Obv…


Would we be cutting down on the time we spent each day looking for funny things on Twitter? Nah…


Were our idiocy radars dulled still as effective as they had been before summer began? Would we still invest the time to point it out? Yes to both, thank you.


And finally, when were we all planning to get this tattooed on our foreheads? Only time will tell, we suppose…


So tweet on, you beautiful email marketing flowers, you. We’ll be watching as always, and we’ll see you all in September!

Image credit: Walt Disney Studios



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