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Phrasee's phavorite marketing tweets of the month: April 2019

Phrasee’s phavorite marketing tweets of the month: April 2017

In 1922, in his poem “The Wasteland” T.S. Eliot wrote: “April is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain”

We don’t know about all that, but it has certainly been a good month for us here at Phrasee. Our blog was honoured by the 2017 UK Blog Awards as the UK’s best blog in the category of media, marketing, and communications.

Phrasee UK Blog award

As for the email marketing world as a whole? The sun finally returned to our lives and a new light fell, at long last, across our weary brows: The media spotlight.

It seemed as though the marketing community at large had finally begun to recognise the impact and potential of email as a legitimate marketing platform, and that our much-maligned reputation as “spammers” may finally be a thing of the past.

In any case, as the pendulum of public opinion swung in our favour at last, April proved to be a good time to sit back and reflect on how far we’ve come.

Our beloved community’s email marketing tweets, as ever, did not disappoint.

Phrasee’s phavourite email marketing tweets of the month: April 2017

Were we really happy enough in our careers, we wondered, to let the chance to work for a company which advertises openings with gifs like this pass us by…?

Would our lives ever be truly mayhem-free…?

Would the subject line hacks of the world ever not ruin a perfectly good holiday?

Could anyone ever top a good ‘poop’ reference?

Would those darn millennials ever think we were cool?

Deep down, we knew we’d be OK. Our skill set would surely see us through…

And, come what may, we’d always know where to look for answers…

And there would always be someone out there doing a worse job than us…

A secret hack collective somewhere out there makes us all look good in comparison…

And, if worse comes to worst, we always had our friends to lean on…

The important thing is, we know how to PARTY…

And we are doing what we are meant to do…

And even if we don’t always get it exactly right…

We must always maintain our composure…

We’ll do better next time…

The world is filled with things to entertain us…

And if that one day ceases to be true, at least we’ve got a backup plan…

So tweet on, champions of email!

We’ll be watching, and we’ll see you all in May.


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Our fairy godmother built you a thing. Try it!

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