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Travel marketers, prepare yourselves!
The rebound is coming.

Obviously, last year was what some might call “not great” for the travel industry. But things are slowly turning around, which is good news for travel marketers! So, what do your customers need most right now to feel OK about booking a trip?
Travelers may not know it, but they need “permission to dream.” In many cases, they’ve been waiting for months to start seriously planning the trips they’ve put off for at least a year. Spark their imaginations by painting a picture for them of what a perfect holiday looks like. After all, today’s dream becomes tomorrow’s purchase.


There are three ways to get them dreaming:

1) Show them how they can relax on a dream vacation.

TUI demonstrates this perfectly in this ad. They show people traveling, but remain very careful to not show those people in large crowds. Showing a family frolicking on a beach is a great way to get customers dreaming about their own travel plans while adhering to current social distancing norms.


2) Remind them of their families.

Families have been kept apart for months. Grandparents are itching to hold their grandchildren, friends are longing to catch up, and there’s a huge catharsis waiting for us all as we embrace our loved ones again for the first time in a long time. Tap into that emotion to get travelers dreaming (and booking). Airbnb does a great job of that in this video of a mother and daughter on vacation together at a beach house.


3) Keep them dreaming, but reassure them too.

Another great example is Visit Las Vegas’s #OnlyYou campaign. This slow aerial shot of the Vegas strip at night, bustling with activity, reminds viewers about what an exciting place it can be while the voiceover talks about keeping travelers safe and being there for them when they’re ready to return. Show your travelers the possibilities, remind them of the good times, but always remember to reassure them along the way.


Giving that permission to dream is about more than advertising your products and services. It’s about helping future travelers understand how you will be there to help them deliver on the promise of a much needed holiday. Once they know how they can be protected as they reconnect, they will be much more likely to jump aboard a flight to parts unknown.

Travel marketers: want more tips on how to prepare for the coming travel rebound?

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