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The 10 most epic Phrasee newsletter puns ever

The Phrasee newsletter is one of the most popular marketing tools we use.


You know why?

Because it’s written by these phine pholks:

Yes, our team is filled with very funny people (who know a lot about email marketing).

It’s quite a combo.

Ask anyone who’s spent a day in the Phrasee office. They’ll tell you.

Our email marketing knowledge is the stuff of legend.

And so are our puns.

Those puns are just one of the many reasons people love working at Phrasee. And, just one of the many reasons so many people love the Phrasee newsletter. Everybody loves puns, right? Right?

You’re damn right they do.

So, with that in mind, we decided to take a trip back through time using the Phrasee newsletter as our own personal time machine and reflect on 10 times our team struck pun gold.

The only question was: With so many top-notch puns in the bank, which 10 should we highlight?

We did our best.

The 10 most epic Phrasee newsletter puns ever

10) June 4th, 2015: Discussing Sepp Blatter and UEFA’s odd decision to award the World Cup in 2022 to the tiny (but rich) Middle Eastern nation of Qatar:

“We were always a bit ‘Sepp-spicious’ when Qatar was awarded the World Cup. Maybe stuffing cash in an unmarked email would have been a ‘bletter’ way to do things. Have U efa tried something like that?”


9) December 22nd, 2016: Sending our yearly “Happy Holidays” pre-Christmas email:

“As it’s December 22nd, email marketing law dictates that we are legally bound to send you a Christmas-themed message. We always abide by the fine print… especially that Claus.”

Image credit: Columbia Pictures



8) June 25th, 2015: Milking an odd comparison between split testing email subject lines and testing products on animals (for some reason):

“Here at Phrasee we’re all about subject line testing. Just not on animals! Wouldn’t that be cruel? We’re against cruelty. We don’t even eat fish & chips anymore, because no fish deserves to be battered.”

7) January 7th, 2016: Our “Happy New Year!” Email:

“Here at Phrasee’s global HQ, we spent a long time thinking about our New Year’s Resolution: 1024×768.”

Image credit: 20th Century Fox


6) August 4th, 2016: Olympics-themed newsletter:

“Mostly, though, we’re going to stick with what we’re best at: The Modern Pentathal-open.”


5) September 29th, 2016: Referencing our fighting prowess (probably not a pun, if you want to get technical about it, more of a one-liner, but still):

“Sounds ace, as we are excellent fighters. True story: we won our last fight by two and a half miles!”

4) August 18, 2016: Science-themed Phrasee Newsletter: 

“Bad science is everywhere, which is annoying. We choose to avoid bad science, because if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.”

3) August 18, 2016: Science-themed Phrasee Newsletter. Yes, this one was so classic we had to mention it twice…

“You can’t believe every study you read these days. Just like how you can’t trust atoms. They make up everything.”


2) March 2nd, 2017: Referencing Phrasee’s recent 2nd birthday party (which was awesome, BTW):

“Although, because of the number of balloons, we weren’t allowed to play any pop music…”

1) October 13, 2016: Apropos of nothing, as all the best puns are (BONUS- Double Pun):

“One of the Phrasee team’s kids just started school. We asked them, “Are there any classes you’re struggling with?” Their response: “The bourgeoisie.”
NOTE: 15% of the office gave that joke 10/10. The other 85% gave it no Marx at all.”



Yes, you counted right. That Groucho Marx/Karl Marx visual pun brought us into TRIPLE PUN territory. You’re welcome.

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