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Saying it better together: MessageGears integrates with Phrasee

Sometimes, a technology integration is like two cogs seamlessly shifting through the gears. The wheels are beginning to turn this month as MessageGears, the enterprise customer marketing platform specializing in personalization, pairs up with Phrasee to help marketers deliver optimized, on-brand copy at scale.

We spoke to Taylor Jones, VP Customer Success and co-founder of MessageGears, about the company’s winning recipe, its integration with Phrasee and what it all means for the customer experience. 

Phrasee: What would you say is MessageGears’ “secret sauce”?

Taylor: A few ingredients in MessageGears’ “secret sauce” are having a unique approach to solving customer marketing platform problems, removing data silos, and creating a single view of the customer – also known as a Customer 360.

We call our “secret sauce” Customer 360 because it gives our clients a single view of their customers using their live data. This enables them to build a brand with a customer, consisting of unified and consistent touchpoints across the customer journey and customer lifecycle.    

Phrasee: What has you excited about the integration with Phrasee?

Taylor: Phrasee and MessageGears have a shared core vision, which is to optimize our clients’ communication strategies in order to provide the best possible customer experience.  

Along with our shared core beliefs, we also believe in working hard and playing hard. At both MessageGears and Phrasee, we fill our teams with innovative, motivated individuals who are excited to bring customer experiences to life through our software.  

Phrasee: How does your integration with Phrasee make life better for MessageGears customers?

Taylor: Being able to offer our customers all of the functionality of MessageGears and Phrasee in one place has got to be the best reason to opt for this integration. 

Think about day-to-day efficiencies between your marketing toolset. Clients can now open their MessageGears interface and use their Phrasee-generated subject lines and push notifications whilst they are sending out campaigns. The interaction between MessageGears and Phrasee opens up the power of tailored messaging at scale.

“The interaction between MessageGears and Phrasee opens up the power of personalized and optimized messaging at scale.”

Taylor Jones, VP Customer Success and co-founder at MessageGears

Phrasee: Throw your hat in the ring: what do you think is the next ‘Big Thing’ in digital marketing?

Taylor: I threw a MessageGears hat in the ring because we are doing it.   

A lot of the vendors in the space claim to have real-time data access already, and they are marketing it as a communication strategy across all of their customer endpoints.   

These aforementioned vendors are solving this communication problem by bringing in different technologies.  

But to truly evolve, and have your marketing communication all in one place, is to have MessageGears take your core vision of how you want to interact with a customer, and enable you to distribute those touchpoints across social media, websites interactions, SMS, push and, of course, email.  

MessageGears can let you reach your customers all in one place, and export audiences out to various endpoints to continue providing the best of breed brand experience. Everybody loves it once they try it!


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