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Salesforce Connections: 5 companies you should meet

by Stu Elmes

Salesforce Connections 2019 is just around the corner.   

With more than 140 partners in attendance representing 41 countries, some of the digital marketing industry’s most exciting trailblazers taking the stage, and 450+ awesome information sessions on offer, it looks like there will be something for everyone at this year’s event in Chicago. 

It’s sure to be a packed house. 

But with so many of the marketing world’s best and brightest in the same place at the same time, deciding where to focus your precious time and energy to maximize the value of Salesforce Connections’ three short days will be a tough task. 

There’s no need to fret, though. Here at Phrasee, “maximizing value” is what we’re all about. We’ve identified five awesome digital marketing companies that will be in attendance and that we think everyone at Salesforce Connections 2019 should make some time for.  

Here they are, in no particular order… 

1) Movable Ink

Building quality dynamic email, web, and display marketing content can be an exhaustive, time-consuming process. Moveable Ink aims to change all that.  

Offering intelligent visual assets like interactive maps and personalized/relevant product offerings with little more than the cutting and pasting of a few lines of code, Moveable Ink has made the streamlining of dynamic digital marketing workflows accessible to any brand. 

Moveable Ink brings a data-driven approach to visual digital marketing content. Their platform helps brands create engaging, compelling digital content – at scale – which can compete side-by-side with any competitor, no matter how large. 

That’s something every digital marketer should take the time to at least kick the tires on. 


Where you’ll find Moveable Ink: Booth #72  

2) Return Path

In the email marketing world of 2019, deliverability matters.  

Sender reputation and inbox placement are critical to the subscriber reach and revenue-generating success of any email marketing program. Return Path offers practical solutions to help any email marketer maximize subscriber reach and get their emails where they need to be through easytounderstand data-driven insights. 

With modern email clients making it tougher for brands and marketers to make it to the inbox by the day, deliverability has become more crucial to email marketing success than ever before, which is why having a chat with the fine folks of Return Path – who have made maximizing deliverability their mission – is well worth any brand’s time.    


Where you’ll find Return Path: Booth #10

3) Stensul

In the email marketing game, staying on-brand is essential. Brands have been well aware of the importance of brand compliance on other marketing channels for decades, but for some reason, many had a tendency to treat email differently in the past. 

But that’s all changing. Brand-compliant language, design, and visuals are the best practice order of the day in modern email marketing.  

And that’s as it should be. 

The team at Stensul make it easy for any marketer – regardless of technical proficiency – to generate the on-brand, error-proof marketing emails that make a successful email marketing program run. For those looking to bring their email marketing program into the brand-compliant future, a chat with the Stensul squad is a great place to start.   


Where you’ll find Stensul: Booth #23A

4) BounceX

The digital marketing world is awash with user data. Building a marketing personalization strategy based on that data is the key to the future. 

The team at BounceX can help any brand identify its digital visitors in real time, then reach them with the relevant, targeted, personalized digital marketing content that modern consumers demand.  

The days of clumsy “batch and blast” digital marketing strategies are at an end. Delivering personalized content triggered by user behavior via a seamless experience from channel to channel and device to device throughout the buyer journey should be the goal of every brand in 2019. BounceX can help you accomplish exactly that. 


Where you’ll find BounceX: Booth #51

5) DEG, Linked by Isobar

Engaging modern consumers on digital marketing channels has never been as lucrative, or as difficult, as it is right now. 

The DEG squad helps modern brands build an effective brand experience that resonates with today’s fickle digital audience. A full-service digital experience agency, DEG leverages your brand’s valuable user data in real time to generate the powerful audience insights that effective digital marketing is built on.   

Offering a data-driven consumer experience by connecting the right customer with the right marketing message at the right time in the right way has long been the digital marketing dream. The team at DEG has taken on the monumental task of making that dream a digital marketing reality.  


Where you’ll find DEG: Booth #2

***BONUS*** Phrasee

“Artificial intelligence” has become one of the most overhyped buzzwords of the digital age. While the pundits and celebrity scientists continue to grab headlines pondering the nature of AI and its potential impact on humankind, brands like Phrasee have been hard at work developing practical, AI-driven solutions to some of digital marketing’s most pressing problems.  

With AI-powered natural language generation and deep learning engines at its disposal, the team at Phrasee have helped some of the world’s biggest brands improve digital marketing performance and ROI through AI-optimized marketing language that outperforms language written by humans in more than 90% of cases.  

In a crowded digital marketplace where the struggle for consumer attention is becoming more desperate by the day, the chance to find out how to gain an edge on the competition through this game-changing technology is one no brand should pass up. 


Where you’ll find Phrasee: The awesome Phrasee squad can be found all conference long at stand #38. Stop by for a free assessment of your brand’s current marketing language, or just come say “hi!”.   

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