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Phrasee strengthens senior management team with key promotions [PRESS RELEASE]

AI-Powered Copywriting company announces two key internal promotions to bolster management

London, 1 October 2019 

Phrasee, the AI-Powered Copywriting technology provider, has promoted two key team members to senior management positions: Jasper Pye to VP Product, and Natalie Johnson to VP Global Sales. 

“What makes great technology work is the people making it happen,” commented Phrasee CEO Parry Malm. “These well-deserved promotions for Jasper and Natalie reflect our unwavering belief that our people are our biggest assets. We are super stoked that their careers are accelerating in parallel with Phrasee’s success.” 

Jasper Pye, Phrasee’s first employee, has been with the company since its founding in 2015 and has since built a world-class product team. As VP Product, he will be responsible for product strategy, roadmapping and overseeing the delivery team.  

Natalie Johnson, who joined Phrasee as a sales manager in 2017, has delivered repeated commercial success from customer bases across the world. As VP Global Sales, she will be responsible for driving the adoption of Phrasee’s technology across further international markets.   

In addition to their promotions, both Jasper and Natalie, along with nine other future Phrasee leaders, have been enrolled in the first annual Phrasee School of Business. Its proprietary curriculum is designed to empower its attendees with the hard skills needed to excel in a fast-scaling AI business, along with the soft skills needed to build and manage high-functioning teams. 

Phrasee’s people are ambitious, intelligent and resilient,” said Chief Operations Officer Victoria Peppiatt. “I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Jasper and Natalie. What they’ve achieved so far – which is nothing short of awesome – is just the tip of the iceberg. The sky is the limit for our team’s potential. 



Phrasee empowers brands with the most advanced AI-Powered Copywriting technology on the planet

Founded in 2015, Phrasee is the go-to solution for the ambitious, innovative and analytical marketers of the future. Marketers around the world use Phrasee to generate and optimize their marketing copy. Today, our team of data scientists, computational linguists and AI experts drive ROI for enterprise brands across the globe, including eBay, Virgin Holidays and Domino’s.  

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