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Phrasee’s awesome launch extravaganza

Get to the choppa!

Who was that buzzing over the world’s greatest city in branded helicopters and racing up the river Thames in speedboats on a brisk Thursday evening, anyway? Another hot-to-trot tech scale-up fresh off a recent funding round?

We suppose you could put it that way…

But there’s more to this story than a bunch of tech whiz-kids out on the town, bigging it up.

A whole lot more indeed.

Here’s what went down on Thursday, September 6th, 2018…

Artificial intelligence-driven marketing is forever changing the way advertising and marketing are done. As a brand comfortably stationed on the tip of the AI marketing spear, we at Phrasee find this fact incredibly exciting.

Sharing that excitement is something we simply feel compelled to do. So, when we decided to unveil our awesome new Phrasee for Facebook and Instagram product to the world, we thought, who better to tell the story of our awesome product than some of our phavourite clients and partners, with a bit of toe-tapping entertainment included.

Kicking off the evening was the first ever live performance of the Phrasee Phonics (It was epic)!

We later hosted our first-ever back-to-back panel, moderated by our very own Parry Malm, where we spoke to marketing leaders from global brands. Gareth Jones, Marketing Director at eBay, Marc Lantrok, EMEA Customer Engagement Lead at Hilton, Saul Lopes, Customer Lifecycle Lead at Virgin Holidays & Matt Button, Head of CRM and Social at Gumtree told us all about how they’ve embraced AI in their business.

Then after giving everyone a brief respite and an opportunity to top up their glasses, it was time to hear from Sara Cartelle-Buceta at Tomorrow TTH and Alex James Ayin at Social Chain. They gave us the lowdown on how agencies can work with Phrasee to drive serious results from their social media campaigns. Tomorrow TTH discussed the awesome 31.2% reduced Cost Per Lead (CPL) that Wowcher received after running their first Facebook campaign.

When all was said and done, the message was clear: Phrasee has definitively proven that AI-optimisation makes email marketing campaigns more effective, and it’s about to accomplish exactly the same thing for push-notifications, Facebook and Instagram ads.

To add to all the excitement, we shared news of the phabulous Phrasee team expansion. With 48 team members now on board, and the opening of Phrasee’s new US office in San Francisco, the Phrasee squad is now bigger, better, and more diverse than ever before! We are all extremely excited about our recent hires and the amazing possibilities that the opening of our US office represents.

Want to see how Phrasee can help optimise your push notifications, Facebook and Instagram ads? Book a demo today.

Oh, and did we mention the helicopter rides?

AND people cared about it! Look, here we are in the Evening Standard!

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