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Phrasee X Cheetah Digital Integration

Cheetah Digital is one of the world’s best digital marketing and customer engagement platforms. Now, we’ve joined forces to create a new integration that will benefit both of our customers in exciting ways.

What exactly does a Phrasee and Cheetah Digital integration mean for our users, you ask? To answer that, we decided to go straight to those who know this awesome integration best.

We asked Jasper Pye, Phrasee’s VP, Product, and Cheetah Digital’s John Galvin, Manager, Solutions Consulting EMEA to explain it all to us, so that we could explain it to you.

Here’s what they had to say about the integration we’ve recently unleashed upon the marketing world…

Phrasee: What does the Phrasee X Cheetah Digital integration do?

Jasper: The integration makes it simple to implement AI-powered content optimization into the Cheetah Digital platform. It streamlines the use of awesome Phrasee messaging in any brand’s digital marketing

John: On top of this, Phrasee uses available Messaging APIs to seamlessly pull back reporting metrics so that marketers can understand the effectiveness of the different campaign versions.


Phrasee: What does this integration mean to current and future Cheetah Digital users, from a practical standpoint?

John: For our clients, we always advocate a test-and-learn methodology in order to drive additional insight and ultimately drive customer engagement and conversion.

Jasper: Now, Cheetah users can easily enjoy the many benefits that AI-Powered Copywriting has to offer, namely: more effective marketing copy. (By “more effective”, I of course mean increased opens, clicks, and conversions, and a marked overall marketing ROI uplift.)

John: The Messaging platform provides our users with a strong suite of tools that allow them to configure their campaigns to leverage these tactics. With the integration with Phrasee in place, we are layering additional capability to maximize these results as well as making it as easy as possible for the marketer to set up.


Phrasee: How about for current and future Phrasee customers?

Jasper: For brands like Superdry, which generated a mind-boggling 2252% email marketing ROI, and Domino’s Pizza, who experienced a 57% click uplift, this integration basically boils down to a more streamlined workflow for running and implementing Phrasee’s awesome AI-powered marketing technology.

John: Phrasee customers will be able to take advantage of Cheetah’s highly sophisticated, multivariate testing tools in combination with Phrasee’s AI-powered content, helping them make data-driven marketing decisions and create true customer connections.

Phrasee: What’s different about this integration when compared to other similar Cheetah Digital integrations that may have been available in the past?

Jasper: The short answer is: better results and an improved user experience.

John:  Now clients have a workflow within the Messaging platform that means with a couple of clicks they are able to setup a campaign with advanced test criteria with virtually no overhead at all.

At Cheetah, we’re constantly looking at ways to refine the campaign process and workflow – this integration is a prime example of how we have achieved it in partnership with Phrasee.

Jasper: In addition, Phrasee’s customer solutions team and customer success team offer ongoing support to ensure that anyone using this integration is getting the absolute best that AI-Powered Copywriting has to offer.


Phrasee: Do you have any additional comments about the evolving relationship between Phrasee and Cheetah Digital?

John: As our marketers needs evolve, so do we.

Jasper: Both Phrasee and Cheetah Digital are innovating within marketing.  We are both approaching different challenges that marketers have in a way that has not been done before.

With Phrasee generating optimized language using AI and Cheetah Digital using machine learning and first-party data to create segments and journeys, we are both pushing performance across our customers communications whilst creating efficiencies in process along the way.