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Phrasee by numbers: our story so far

As a data-driven AI company, numbers are a big part of what we do here at Phrasee.

Numbers offer us a window into how marketing language works, why it works, who engages with it, and how to make it work better. Numbers tell us what we’re doing well, what we need to improve on, and when it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Numbers tell our story. A story of a small tech startup with big ambitions. A story of overcoming obstacles, of innovation, of creativity. And most of all, a story of success.


Let’s take a look at the numbers…


Phrasee was founded in a pub in Camden Town, London on a crisp autumn evening in 2015. The exact number of pints consumed that evening remains a mystery…

> 1 trillion

Our awesome natural language generation system can generate trillions of different human-sounding, brand-compliant language variants at the touch of a magic button.

300 million

As of this writing, 300 million individual human beings – each and every one of them a beautiful and unique snowflake – have received an email with a Phrasee-generated subject line  – approximately the same number of people as the entire population of the United States!

2 seconds

Once one of our customers press Phrasee’s famous “magic button”, it takes approximately 2 seconds for our amazing AI technology to do the following things:

1. Analyze trillions of subject line copy variants to determine which combinations of linguistic elements (words, phrases, emoji, syntax, sentiments, etc) meet the following criteria:

– deliver a message that is consistent with the email’s body copy

– use coherent and fluent language

– are original and creative

– use language that is consistent with the sender’s brand voice

– take time-sensitive elements into account (e.g. seasonal themes, sale dates, etc.)

2. Select 9 subject line variants predicted to perform most effectively on the sender’s audience based on past email subject line performance data.


Phrasee-optimized email subject lines outperform those written by human copywriters in 95.24% of cases. This statistic is based on thousands of customer campaigns we’ve worked on.


Phrasee’s AI platform can write effective, on-brand marketing language in 24 languages.


It takes less than 5 minutes for any marketer to set up a campaign on Phrasee and generate on-brand email subject lines in their unique brand voice. This can be done anywhere, at any time, and on almost any device.


Our #1 phavorite set of people are the awesome Phrasee team, because they are the ones who really make Phrasee special.

We now have team members who were born in 15 different countries worldwide.

While we’re aware that not everything in the world can be easily quantified and analyzed, we do think that in our case, the numbers paint a pretty picture of the Phrasee journey so far.

We’ve also noticed that the numbers can be extremely useful when it comes to writing effective marketing language. Looking at the numbers in depth can have quite a positive impact (especially with the help of the best AI technology in the business).

Find out how AI-powered copywriting can positively impact the most important number of all: your bottom line