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Phrasee announces integration with Braze – let’s party!

We are super stoked to announce our partnership with Braze. Braze is one of the world’s best platforms for customer engagement, and we always love hanging out with smart people.

And in your most Shania Twain voice, you might be thinking, “So these two companies integrated. That don’t impress me much.” To which we would say, give us a minute to explain why it’s so cool! Don’t be such a Shania Pain!

So here’s the deal: right person, right message, right time. The holy trinity of marketing. The golden cup, the magic elixir, the grail we all seek, and yet, it’s just so darn difficult to do! Well today, if you’re a Braze and Phrasee customer, it just got way easier.

You see, Phrasee takes care of the right message thanks to AI and multivariate testing and natural language generation and machine learning, and, you know, cool technical stuff. And then Braze comes along, and it grabs that right message like the baton in a 400m freestyle relay, and then it makes sure that the right message gets to the right person with all of ITS cool technology to make sure the multivariate testing is done with the right amount of time to generate good results. When you put it all together? It’s nothing short of marketing magic, baby.

Smart brands have been working with Braze and Phrasee for a while now.

In our news release to announce the integration, Marissa Contreras, Director, Retention Marketing & Marketing Operations, Sephora, said;

“The technologies from both Braze and Phrasee have been a revelation to us and both brands are at the vanguard of innovation in the marketing space. For Sephora, the AI natural language Phrasee generates with a click of a button is always on brand. We are excited about the collaboration and the prospect of optimizing our marketing language across the full customer journey.”

(Marissa, we are blushing!)

We, just like Braze, are all about making the customer experience awesome, and we’re delighted that we get to work together to do exactly that. So if you need a reason to celebrate (and why the heck wouldn’t you given… you know), you’re invited to the party. (Virtually of course.) You’ll have to bring your own chocolate fountain (we loaned our extra one to the neighbors for their ferret’s Quinceañera), but we promise nothing short of a rockin’ good time.

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