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Our fairy godmother built you a thing. Try it!

Whether you’re a retailer who had a banner year thanks to curbside everything or one who struggled without foot traffic, every retailer would like a little more revenue right now, yes?

AI can help you get there. But AI still seems to many to be a mysterious, expensive, difficult thing, like a magic box hidden at the bottom of a dark lake that can only be opened by answering three riddles.

Well, let’s fix that. AI may seem mysterious and novel, but it’s actually a proven technology that’s been around for a while now. Trailblazers like eBay, FARFETCH, and Dixons Carphone are all examples of brands who have embraced AI to enhance their performance through Phrasee’s copywriting-generating technology. Any retail brand looking for growth (and aren’t we all?) would be wise to steal their playbook for success. After all, they’re generating brand-specific copy at scale across channels with machines that learn with every send.

Can we tell you one more secret? AI’s not nearly as complicated to use as it sounds. To see just how easy it can be with Phrasee, here’s a video that explains it all:

Pretty cool, right? Hopefully now that you’ve seen it, your wheels are turning and you’re imagining the possibilities of what Phrasee can do for you. We’re happy to help paint that picture for you.

Imagine yourself like this:



Or maybe this:


Image credit: Nickelodeon

Or perhaps this is more your speed:


Can you feel the potential for more money just flowing through you like quarters in a Coinstar? Great. So now it’s time to talk about how to get you there. 



We’re Phrasee. 

And we make people money. 

How much money?  

Oh, if only there were some kind of tool where you could put in a few numbers about the performance of your email marketing program and then you’d click a button and get some kind of answer to that question! Wouldn’t that be nice? 

Well, we heard your melancholy lament, and we called our fairy godmother, and she built you THAT EXACT THING. If you’ve got 30 seconds, we’d like to make your jaw drop by showing you the surprisingly large amount that Phrasee could make for you

Want to find out what Phrasee can do for you?