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Is this the year we finally get testing right, marketers?

We talk to a LOT of marketers every day. And over the course of these thousands of conversations, we’ve learned some very interesting things.

Most marketers say they don’t spend more time on testing because they don’t have time. They’re too busy. There’s too much going on! Just cranking out the content and sending it takes up all their time! Would they love to do more? Absolutely! But when there’s a fire to put out, testing always seems to end up in last place.

Only 24% of marketers are testing to understand what language is resonating (according to our survey of 300 senior US marketers)

A lot of marketers are at least doing some A/B testing, and hey, that’s great! But there’s not really a strategy in place for it, and the learnings don’t seem to be making the team any smarter, and there’s a very “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” kind of mentality about the whole thing.

And then there is a very small group of marketers who have a robust testing strategy in place (aka our heroes). They’ve moved beyond A/B to multivariate testing. They’re testing lots of variables at once. They’re getting loads of data, and they’re using it to make better decisions (not to mention way more revenue).

How the heck did they do that?

Well, they realized that not having a robust testing strategy in place was costing them literally millions. So they reprioritized. They came up with a plan instead of just making a button different colors. They started with a question in mind that they wanted to answer.

They were smart about it.

Look, we get that testing might not be your top priority and that it can waste your precious time when it’s done wrong. But when it’s done right? Money shows up! Lots of it! So doesn’t that sound like something worth prioritizing?

And we’re not going to send you out there into the scary testing forest alone. We have a seven-step testing strategy guide based on years of expertise that we’re going to share with you. We promise that if you take the time to get testing right up front that it can be easy and painless (and profitable as heck!).

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of the testing guide here. Thank us later.


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