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Once again, we’re giving you nothing (but Kindness) for Christmas

Sending Christmas gifts to Phrasee’s ever-growing list of awesome partners, vendors, and customers was once a valued annual Phrasee tradition. Just one little extra thing we did to show the fine folks who we work with/for every day that they are appreciated (because they really are!).

We enjoyed it. We also enjoyed the annual flood of Holiday season gifts that came back our way each year – very much so, in fact.

But then, as last year’s holiday season approached – we paused to reflect upon this annual gift-giving/getting tradition. Wouldn’t it be great, we thought to ourselves, if that generous giving spirit could be paid forward to someone who needed it more than us?

We reached out to everyone we could think of, and suggested that the money we, our partners, our vendors, and our customers were spending on each other might be better spent on Kindness Bags – backpacks filled with essential items and goodies for homeless women in need.

The response we got from those we reached out to was amazing, and, thanks to our collective efforts, some of those women in need received just a little of the kindness that each and every one of them deserved.

Thus, a new tradition was born.

Now, at the end of what has been one of the most trying years in living memory, when the need has never been greater, we’ve decided to reach out to all of you once more.

Let’s get givey!

What do we at Phrasee want for Christmas this year? Nothing but kindness.

Don’t worry, we aren’t sending you anything either, so we promise it won’t get awkward.

Unlike last year, when we collected the items and assembled the Kindness Bags with our own little Phrasee hands, this year will be a little bit different – like so many things. Rather than calling out for ready-to-go bags to dispense to vulnerable women in need, the Kindness Bags organizers have asked for cash donations to spend buying the required items themselves.

We think that’s more than fair, considering the circumstances.

Here at Phrasee, we’ve already made our donation to Kindness Bags in all of your names, and we hope that, if you were going to spend a couple of bucks (or pounds) mailing us a gift or card, you spend that money making a stranger in need’s Christmas just a little bit brighter yourselves.

What you can do

The Kindness Bags have already been filled for 2020, so instead, if you were thinking of buying postage stamps, a card, or a gift for the Phrasee team, and you’d like to contribute to a laudable and worthy cause instead (which we hope that you do!) you can make a donation to Crisis here.

It’s a great thing to do, and an infinitely more important way to show us – and someone in need – that you care.

If you’re not in London and/or you’d prefer to donate to another worthy cause in your neighborhood, we wholeheartedly encourage your generosity. We wish you all a very happy, safe, and healthy holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

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