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How better email subject lines are making the world a better place

The world is a strange and dangerous place these days.

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Our collective list of things to worry about is getting longer by the day, and many are beginning to lose hope that anything will ever get better again.

Thank heaven for email subject lines. They’ve been getting better for a while.

Why? There are many reasons. But the fact is that email subject lines represent one area where humankind is making great progress and building a better future for us all to enjoy.

Email subject lines may seem like a small and insignificant thing to many, especially when measured against the problems facing our world. But here at Phrasee they are a big part of our lives, take up a lot of our time, and occupy an inordinate amount of space in our heads. We happen to think that they are pretty important.

And so should you.

Because higher quality subject lines do more than just increase opens, clicks, conversions, and ROI for brands. They make the world a better place.

Here’s how…

How better email subject lines are making the world a better place

…clearer communication

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Every quality email subject line is a nudge for humankind in the direction of better communication.

Gone are the days where convoluted or misleading subject lines crowded inboxes. Today’s marketers are realising the value in being honest and straight to the point. Regardless of your poetic prose, subject lines demand brevity and directness. And, in the busy times we live in, who couldn’t use a little more brevity and directness?

…less spam

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Surely we can all agree that spam sucks. It contributes nothing to society, fills our inboxes with rubbish, and gets on our damn nerves. With every positive step that email marketing subject lines make, spam becomes easier to spot, filter out, and ignore.

…more personalisation and value


Modern consumers are bombarded with over 5,000 advertising messages a day in print, outdoor, television and films. With numbers like this it’s easy to see how advertising impacts our consciousness and mood.

Email subject lines play their part in this too. Personalised, relevant and targeted subject lines make people feel respected and understood. They raise the self-esteem of the reader and make humanity’s collective mood just a little bit better.

…more smiles


It’s not always easy to inject humour into your marketing. When trying to be funny on behalf of your brand, you still need to make sure your message and tone are on point. It’s also worth considering the possibility that some products and brands simply just aren’t funny. But when you can add a little life and personality into your email subject lines you’re sure to coax a smile or two from your subscribers. The world can always use a few more smiles.

…more money


They say money makes the world go ‘round.

We aren’t sure about all that, but we do know that spending makes the world’s economies work. And working economies are important.

Not only that, every successful email marketing campaign puts email marketers in a better position to receive financial compensation commensurate to the amazing work they do. And, since email marketers are widely recognised as some of the most generous, charitable folks on the face of the earth, surely some of that email marketing wealth will trickle down to some worthy causes, right?


Now do you believe us that better subject lines are making the world a better place?

Good, then it’s time to get to work and make sure your subject lines are up to snuff. Here are some more posts to help get you on the path of becoming a subject line superhero:

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