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Email marketing’s finest newsletters

Staying up to date with the latest industry developments, advancements and design trends is key for the email marketer on the go.

Luckily for us, the world is replete with sources of email marketing news. From outstanding blogs to excellent social media accounts, all the information we could ever hope for is out there to be read, analysed and utilised to improve our own approaches and strategies.

Which is great.

But we are busy people. We don’t have all day to spend just sitting around reading newsletters. We’d never get any work done!

If only someone would take the time to separate the newsletter wheat from the newsletter chaff so we could maximise our newsletter reading time…

Email marketing’s finest newsletters

Email Geekery

Email Geekery: Email marketing's finest newsletters

What it offers:

Email Geekery is a carefully curated weekly roundup of the email marketing world’s latest and best blog posts, articles, and even images from across the internet. Its creator, Sharon Jennings, is an avid email marketer herself. This fact is reflected in the consistently high quality of the content curated each week. Email Geekery covers everything from the latest think pieces about email marketing industry developments to email marketing-related science and technology posts.

Why you should care:

Email marketing is a rich topic. As the field’s renaissance continues to develop, email marketing is being pushed further into the limelight. New blog posts and articles are coming more frequently by the day. Sharon’s email marketing knowledge and sense of humour ensure the eclectic mix of curated content included each week is all worth a read. If you want to stay up to date on what is going on and what people are talking about in the email marketing industry, this newsletter is an excellent resource.


Really Good Emails

really good emails: email marketing's finest newsletters

What it offers:

Really Good Emails began as a simple website showcasing founder Matthew Smith’s favourite marketing emails from his own inbox. The Really Good Emails newsletter has since remained true to its roots, offering a healthy portion of well designed, cutting-edge emails every week. As the Really Good Emails team has grown, its mandate has shifted towards industry analysis and its newsletter has grown to also include posts from the RGE team themselves, as well as curated posts from some of the best blogs in the business.

Why you should care:

In email marketing, things change fast. Keeping up to date on the industry’s latest design and development trends is key for any email marketer who wants to stay ahead of the curve. The Really Good Emails team has managed to successfully position themselves at the centre of many of the email marketing space’s most interesting dialogues and discussions. If you are looking for a place to get some inspiration for your next campaign, this newsletter is a great place to start.


Inbox on Acid

Email on Acid: Email Marketing's finest newsletters

What it offers:

The Email on Acid newsletter “Inbox on Acid” newsletter presents weekly themed curated and original content for any email marketer looking to sharpen their chops. The Inbox on Acid newsletter is geared towards email designers and developers. It’s rife with helpful tips, tricks and hacks to help make work easier and more effective.

Why you should care:

This newsletter offers key insights into many of the email marketing design and development field’s most important topics. The original content from the Email on Acid team provides clear and well-presented information on how to up one’s email game. If you want to become a better designer or developer, or even just learn a few helpful hacks, this newsletter might be for you.



liveintent: email marketing's finest newsletters

What it offers:

LiveIntent‘s newsletter is not, strictly speaking, entirely email based. Instead, it covers digital marketing as a whole and email’s role within a robust digital strategy. However, email is what LiveIntent does, and their newsletters do provide a great deal of key insights for email marketers. In addition to the insightful original content featured each week, LiveIntent also offers a “video newsletter” called “LiveIntentional“, which covers digital marketing topics from CRM to attribution and everything in between.

Why you should care:

LiveIntent’s newsletter represents an interesting meeting point between email marketing and larger digital marketing strategy as a whole. Rather than a weakness diluting its email marketing information, the diversity of LiveIntent’s brief serves to make it even more useful for email marketing folks who are, almost without exception, part of an overarching digital strategy who must collaborate with other folks approaching digital marketing from other digital angles on a daily basis.



Phrasee: email marketing's finest newsletters

What it offers:

Phrasee‘s weekly newsletter offers insight into the strange brain of Phrasee co-founder and CEO Parry Malm. In addition to original Phrasee blog content, our newsletter carefully curates content from around the internet to both entertain and educate any email marketer. Rife with high-quality gifs and interesting content ranging from email marketing news to artificial intelligence and machine learning, our newsletter is designed to make any email marketer’s Thursday just a little more interesting.

Why you should care:

Email marketing is serious business, but it doesn’t have to be all the time. Our in-depth knowledge of the language of email marketing is reflected in the posts we curate, and so is our sense of humour. If you want to learn something new about this amazing industry and the fabulous people who make it what it is, you should check us out!


Email Weekly

Email Weekly: email marketing's finest newsletters

What it offers:

Action Rocket‘s weekly newsletter “Email Weekly” is the brainchild of Action Rocket founder Elliot Ross. It curates content from across the industry covering all things design and email strategy. Ross, a 10 year email marketing veteran and founder of not one, but two fantastic email marketing companies, brings his extensive knowledge to bear as he combs the internet for the latest news and developments in all things digital.

Why you should care:

Email Weekly takes the time and care to ensure only interesting news and posts make it into its pages. This newsletter is helpful and informative for any email designer looking to learn some new tricks or just keep abreast of what is happening in the email marketing and design world.

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